5 Reasons Why Every FEC Needs a Toddler Play Area


Kids playing on custom play area

Family entertainment centers (FECs) are attractions that offer a wide range of types of facilities and business models, all designed to attract families of all ages. From connecting on social media to increasing family business, here are five reasons why FEC play areas help widen your reach.

1 – Social Media and Branding

In today’s world, if you’re not promoting yourself on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then you’re missing a key advertising opportunity.  Forbes indicates that, “92% of consumer believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.”  If you show your facility as a true family destination, the world will spread fast.  Use your free or pay to play, play area to further enforce your brand.  PLAYTIME can create characters or create play areas using your existing mascots!   Make sure Mom and Dad have a photo of junior on your branded play piece as the background of their phone!

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2 – Dwell Time and Weekday Business

It’s not enough to get customers to your family entertainment center.  It needs to be an event that keeps the family there and keep them spending money.  PLAYTIME play areas have proven to increase dwell time for families, which can lead to increased F&B and Arcade revenue.  Additionally, having a space dedicated to toddlers can keep your traffic up during the week when older kids are in school.


3 – Uncompromising Safety

Safety is the priority because it doesn’t matter how good the attractions are, or how good the food tastes, or even how excellent customer service is if something unsafe occurs, according to IAAPA. PLAYTIME play areas are designed with safety in mind – including only the softest and safest low-profile play elements and impact-attenuating carpet and flooring. PLAYTIME employs certified safety inspectors to inspect, review and manage all aspects of safety for your project. You can rest easy knowing your play area is designed, manufactured and installed to meet all ASTM and ADA standards for safety and accessibility.

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4 – Maintenance

PLAYTIME’s soft-foam play elements are certified anti-bacterial and fungal resistant.  That means a big attraction with less cleaning and maintenance for your team.      


5 – Revenue

You’re creating a space that brings in families.  You don’t want to introduce an activity that drains potential revenue.  PLAYTIME’s play areas are exclusively designed for 6 and younger.  This allows the whole family to enjoy their time at your family entertainment center.  The older kids will gravitate towards the arcade, laser tag, or bowling and the play area provides a relief for the parents and younger children.