SouthPark Mall Attracts Families with Large Outdoor Playground


South Park Mall custom play area

“Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of young families visiting SouthPark Mall,” says Nicole B. Kennon, Director of Marketing and Business Development. “The number of our children’s stores has increased, as well. It made sense to give young children a place to relax during their parents’ shopping trip to SouthPark.”

Located in Charlotte, NC, SouthPark Mall is a regional shopping destination, serving people who may drive up to three or four hours for the experience. According to Kennon, more than 25% of SouthPark’s tenant mix is unique to the market.

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Until now, though, they did not have a play area. So, when Simon decided to install a new playground at SouthPark Mall, they wanted to make sure it was large enough and special enough to captivate their growing community.

“We decided to create an outdoor play area due to interior space restrictions and so that we could make it a good size,” says Kennon.

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At over 2,100 square feet, the SouthPark play area features a “North Carolina Coast” theme, including a pirate atmosphere with ocean elements for children to play on. The elements, protected by overhead wind sails, include a pirate ship slide, cannon, large shark, crab, octopus, shell and an anchor and chain on sand.

Additionally, children can enjoy interactive elements including a jellyfish-themed Interactive “Light-Up” Game and 3D Sculpted Entrance Rules from “Mr. Manners the Pirate.”

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The entire play area was designed, manufactured and installed by PLAYTIME, LLC, the global provider of unique, interactive indoor, outdoor and water playground equipment.

Kennon says that nearby retailers and restaurants are happy with the addition.

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“The California Pizza Kitchen is ecstatic to have the play area nearby,” she says. “They have a patio near the play area and, as we head into the warmer months, parents will be able to sit on the patio and eat while their kids play.”

SouthPark Mall’s General Manager Randy Thomas says that the playground “adds another reason for people to visit SouthPark. We have a great selection of restaurants, great retailers that are unique to the region and a great atmosphere. It was fun to add a new amenity for children unlike any other play area in the market.”

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