Kirkwood Mall Promotes Good Health


Kirkwood mall play area

“Sanford Health recently bought our local hospital organization and they have been doing everything they can to promote health and wellness in children,” explains Kirkwood Mall Assistant General Manager Jennifer Obrigewitch. “They already sponsor play areas in other cities and we thought they’d like to do the same here.”

Owned by CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., Kirkwood Mall is located in Bismarck, ND and attracts shoppers from a 100-mile radius, including Canada. The shopping center had a previous play area, also built by PLAYTIME, but it was time to offer something new to families.


Meg Boyce Mannion, CBL’s Regional Director of Brand Development, explains that they approached Sanford Health to see if they might be interested in sponsoring a play area at Kirkwood Mall.

“Sanford Health was immediately interested but what really sold them was when PLAYTIME did the drawings for the play area and Sanford Health realized that it could be everything they wanted,” says Mannion. “They wanted specific themes and elements all branded for their organization. Once they saw the drawings, they jumped on board.”


The new play area features a medieval theme with a castle, dragon, log, turtle, frog, butterflies and a helicopter. Both the castle and the helicopter carry the Sanford Children’s logo. When families pass through the entrance, they meet “Meddy Bear,” Sanford Children’s mascot.

Obrigewitch says that nearby retailers in the shopping center are also excited, anticipating the increased traffic that the play area will draw to their stores.


“Working with PLAYTIME was delightful,” says Mannion. “Sunya worked so hard to get specific designs to please the sponsor. Her whole team got really creative and she kept us in the loop every single step of way. They had great follow up and we had an overall great experience.”

Obrigewitch adds, “Brian coordinated the install here on site and he was absolutely phenomenal. He cleaned so well that you would never know a play area had just been installed unless you were down there observing. He was very pleasant and professional.”

Everyone involved is pleased that they will are treating families to a healthy play experience.

“It’s so great that kids and moms who come to the mall have a place to play,” says Obrigewitch. “Especially in North Dakota, it’s important for families to have access to indoor parks. This is a great option!”