Parque Arauco Shopping Center and Hello Kitty Team Up!


Toddlers playing on custom Hello Kitty element

Parque Arauco Shopping Center in Santiago, Chile recently unveiled a one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty play area, thus introducing a new type of amenity to Chilean shoppers.

“Indoor play areas are very uncommon here,” says Rocio Espinoza, a partner with PLAYTIME Chile. “With this one-of-a-kind play area, Parque Arauco Shopping Center is opening up a new amenity to shoppers and a new form of sponsorship to local and national companies.”

According to Espinoza, many Chilean shopping centers offer video games for older children but there’s been very little to entertain families with young children. As Parque Arauco Shopping Center was seeking a new amenity to better serve its high-income demographic, a potential sponsor was also seeking access to that very audience.Parque-Arauco-2-940x627Babysec, a large diaper brand in the country, was preparing to launch Hello Kitty-themed diapers and was looking for a unique way to capture parents’ attention. Espinoza suggested that PLAYTIME could create a Babysec-branded, Hello Kitty-themed play area.

It was a perfect match!


“PLAYTIME Chile brought both partners together and helped to design an exclusive play area for Parque Arauco Shopping Center’s families,” says Espinoza.

Parque Arauco Shopping Center is the third-largest South American shopping mall company with centers in Chile, Peru and Colombia. Their malls see over 2.5 million visitors per month, making them ideal for companies seeking exposure to young families with disposable incomes.


PLAYTIME is the global provider of soft, interactive indoor, outdoor and water play areas and playground equipment. Family-friendly businesses that want to stand out hire PLAYTIME to create powerful play experiences.


Espinoza says that the new play area is always full of children and is very popular with parents who appreciate the softness and security of the enclosed play area.

“It is magic to see how the kids and parents enjoy themselves in the play area,” says Espinoza. “Parents are very impressed with the quality and safety of the play area. They take pictures of their children on every play element!” (See a Showcase of this project here.)