Playground Safety First: A Toddler’s Point of View


Hand touching PLAYTIME soft elements turtle

What happens when you put a GoPro camera on a toddler and send him or her into a crowded play area? You see how incredibly important playground safety is when designing and building indoor play areas.

Playground safety first – from design to manufacturing to installation – is the hallmark of the PLAYTIME experience. Our climbers, slides, tunnels and safety flooring are soft, safe and meet all product requirements and safety ratings of ASTM F-1487 – Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Playground Equipment for Public Use.

How does PLAYTIME mitigate playground safety risks?

Softer and safer than traditional playground equipment, PLAYTIME’s low-profile climbers, tunnels and slides are suitable for the youngest crawlers and climbers.

Unlike other playground equipment, PLAYTIME’s coatings have been tested and ASTM (G21 and E2180) certified antibacterial. Fabricated from soft sculpted foam, wrapped in additional foam layers, and coated with non-porous rubber surfacing, PLAYTIME play elements have no moving parts or entrapment features.

PLAYTIME flooring options comply with ASTM requirements for impact attenuation of surfacing materials within the use zone of playground equipment. Each play element is surrounded by our Durasoft safety flooring and is placed to ensure clear space safety zones. In layman’s terms, PLAYTIME designs its play areas so that, if a child falls from a play element onto the safety surfacing, he or she won’t be injured.

With the costs and risks involved with traditional playground equipment, isn’t time to consider a PLAYTIME soft play area at your location?

Playgrounds are important places for children to have fun, explore, and grow. Children learn through play and need opportunities to test their limits, and learn new skills through free play.

PLAYTIME play areas are perfectly suited for children to use their imaginations, safely experiment, take risks and to increase coordination. When children are given a chance to freely engage in adventurous play, they quickly learn to assess their own skills and match them to the demands of the environment. PLAYTIME play areas are the perfect environments for children to develop this kind of appropriate risk-taking ability. The play equipment is soft and antibacterial, the seating is soft, and the flooring feels like a tumbling mat. In a PLAYTIME play area, children feel like they can accomplish things they can’t in a less-forgiving play environment.

PLAYTIME provides a safe place for children to exercise while they learn and have fun.

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