From Playgrounds to Game Consoles: PLAYTIME serves Tweenagers


Play Me Video Console in play area

I’ve written a lot about my 3-year-old. She and I are PLAYTIME regulars, visiting shopping centers, lifestyle centers, restaurants and even water parks with PLAYTIME playground equipment. But have I mentioned that I also have two tweenagers? No?! Well, that’s because — quite honestly — they have outgrown the soft playground experience, literally. They are too tall! But now, PLAYTIME has answered yet another of my Mommy Prayers, with PlayMe video game consoles.

PlayMe powered by PLAYTIME is a state-of-the-art video game console with a screen that supports high-definition, three-dimensional (HD/3D) play. With a 22-inch screen and more than 100 games in six languages, PlayMe game consoles are the perfect complement to PLAYTIME’s soft play areas! Now, retailers, dentists, hospitals and restaurants can entertain every kid in the family — with soft play or PlayMe!

I have darling pictures of my two older girls (now 10 and 11) playing in the nearby mall playground when they were 2 and 3. DARLING! The pigtails, the sweet dresses, the eager-to-please faces.  Now, though, those two kids simply humor me as I haul their little sister to the soft playgrounds around our city. They think their little sister is cute, but they’re too tall to play with her.

Imagine my joy when PLAYTIME recently released PlayMe!  These awesome game consoles are super-easy for businesses to install (just plug-n-play) and they have games that my girls can’t find ANYWHERE else, so the experience is brand new for them.

So, this mama is on a mission (a Mama-Mission!). I would like to see my kids’ dentists and pediatricians, our city’s shopping centers, and even nearby restaurants install these game consoles. THEN (oh, I can hardly write this without giggling insanely) ALL THREE OF MY CHILDREN WILL BE ENTERTAINED AT THE SAME TIME AT THE SAME PLACE!!  Dare I dream?

And can you even imagine how moms would flock to businesses that know how to entertain kids of every age? FLOCK, I tell you.

Thanks – AGAIN – PLAYTIME, for responding to a need!  Moms need this. Businesses need this. Pediatricians and dentists need this.

Let the FLOCKING begin!