New Product: PXLPLAY™ Interactive Play Panels


PXLPLAY™ Interactive Play Panels are a wall-mounted, interactive LED lighting system that responds to human touch by changing color, brightness and patterns. PLAYTIME is excited to announce the new PXLPLAY™ interactive play wall product as an addition to its world-famous, custom-themed play area line.

PXLPLAY features an intuitive interface with a network of full-spectrum LEDs, sensors, and a variety of animated light games and program sequences. Users thrill at generating surprising and delightful light displays and responsive gaming.

PXLPLAY™ engages kids, tweens, parents and caregivers with interactive light games. Kids, parents and friends can take turns or simultaneously touch the wall to make fascinating, dynamic lights.

Digital signage technologies first appeared in shopping centers in the late 1990s with the advent of the Internet. In the last five years, interactive digital LED wall panels have been put in use in airports, stadiums and other public spaces. Today, digital signage is fast becoming an industry standard for retail, restaurants, hotels, health & fitness centers, universities, hospitals, churches, offices and mixed-use commercial and residential developments.

With PXLPLAY, PLAYTIME takes digital signage to a new frontier: digital wall entertainment.

PXLPLAY’s illuminated surface is ideal for creating dramatic and truly interactive architectural environments that meet today’s modern design expectations.

Shopping centers and retailers can now be at the forefront of digital innovation and install the entertaining PXLPLAY™ play wall feature, where families can stop and engage with a variety of responsive light games.


Indoor play area at Greensborough Plaza, a shopping center in Victoria Australia, owned by the Blackstone Group.

Fast growing in popularity, PXLPLAY interactive play panels are in high demand for ‘exergaming’ for little kids. PXLPLAY play walls let kids combine cognitive tasks with personal motor skills, making them a practical and attractive choice for family entertainment centers, health and fitness centers, and childcare centers.

PXLPLAY is also suitable for use in rehabilitation at children’s hospitals, as it offers a number of ways to train young patients suffering and/or recovering from limited mobility.

The PLAYTIME PXLPLAY™ system is simple to operate, totally self-contained and mounts to any hard surface. Each 3’ x 5’ standalone systems comes with a selection of games and requires no external controllers or computers. PXLPLAY™ operates on a 110 VAC outlet. The highly durable housing is manufactured from thermoformed plastic that is easy to clean and maintain.

As a special, limited, new product promotion, PLAYTIME is offering 20% off the price of the first 20 PXLPLAY™ system orders.

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