Refresh Your Play Area for the New Year


Superstition springs custom play area

In preparation for a busy holiday season, it’s a great time to start thinking about how PLAYTIME can help in 2017. There are simple ways to brighten, refresh and/or add new components to your play area. Here are four “refresh play area” ideas to make your play area feel new and exciting again.

  • Before-Old-Carpet3-940x850
  • After-New-Carpet3-940x850

1. Custom-Designed Safety Flooring Systems. There’s no easier way to refresh your play space than to install a new custom-designed safety flooring system.  Forest City’s The Mall at Robinson contacted PLAYTIME last fall, and ordered a new custom safety flooring system to replace the original carpet right after the busy holiday season. The results were dramatic as the new design allowed them to rearrange their existing play elements and create a whole new play experience (before and after photos above).

PLAYTIME’s custom carpet graphics create a unique play experience and offer opportunities for sponsor branding. Plus, families will appreciate the fresh, clean, carpet surface and visit your center more frequently.

  • LEAD TIME: 10-12 weeks
  • PLAYTIME-Interactive-Elements-PlayMe-Console-660x660

2. Digital Play Panels and Video Game Consoles: PLAYTIME offers two great products that combine kids love for digital games with active play.

PXLPLAY™ Digital Play Panels are the hottest new trend in lifestyle entertainment. The PXLPLAY™ wall-mounted, interactive LED lighting system responds to human touch by changing color, brightness and patterns. The play walls engage with interactive light games that develop logic and memory skills.  PLAY ME™ video game consoles complement PLAYTIME’s soft play areas by enabling family-friendly businesses to entertain children of all ages. Unlike handheld video games or tablet devices, these wall-mounted games allow for two-person tandem play, with unique, fun games that are not available on iPhones, Android or tablets.

PXLPLAY™ and PLAY ME™ interactive play units can be mounted anywhere in a shopping center, on freestanding walls or kiosks and/or within play area enclosures. Digital play panels and video game consoles are great drivers to increase traffic and enhance food courts and corridor areas.

  • LEAD TIME: 1-2 weeks
  • PLAY-PANELS-St-Clair-Square-400x400

3. Fun Facts and Interactive Play Panels. Round, square or rectangular wall Play Panels with see-thru globes, blocks that turn and toggles that move, are easy to install and create new activities at your indoor play area. PLAYTIME Fun Fact Panels, are popular with local themes and sponsor-branded play areas. Parents can read and share fun facts with the kids.

  • LEAD TIME: 1-2 weeks
  • RULES-SIGNAGE-36-400x400
  • RULES-SIGNAGE-Ohio-Valley-Mall-400x400

4. Custom-Themed Rules and Sponsor Signage. PLAYTIME creates fully customized 3D-sculpted character rules signage, wall mounted and freestanding rules boards.  Friendly sculpted relief characters, objects, and symbols of the community welcome families into the play area. Installing new rules and entry signage is great for sponsorship renewal opportunities.

  • LEAD TIME: 8-10 weeks