Outlet Village Belaya Dacha Opens Family Amenities


Custom play area

Moscow shoppers can now enjoy yet another PLAYTIME play area thanks to Hines International, which just opened it in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha in Kotelniki.

“Hines International has developed, managed and owned several prize-winning buildings in the Moscow Region,” explains Natalia Oreshina, co-owner of Art Playtime, the sole representative of PLAYTIME products in Russia. “This is the first retail property for the company and it is the first in a planned chain of outlets that the company plans to open.”


In an effort to drive more traffic to the new outlet center, including families with small children, Hines International asked PLAYTIME to create an indoor play area for the property.

“The name of the play area is Forest Wonderland,” says Oreshina. “The playground is a fairytale forest complete with a dragon spewing flames, a giant tree, fabulous characters like a knight, horse, wizard, crocodile and a bridge with trolls. There are interactive sound effects in some of the elements, inspiring children to keep moving!”


According to Oreshina, Hines International charges an entrance fee for the popular amenity.

“Russian shoppers love the PLAYTIME play areas!” says Oreshina. “Americans have long expected amenities that help to entertain families, turning shopping trips into all-day excursions. Now, Russian parents – and retailers – are starting to experience the same benefits.”

There are now three PLAYTIME play areas in Russia: Kontinent Mall in Saint Petersburg, Detsky Mir in Moscow, and Outlet Village Belaya Dacha in Kotelniki, Moscow Region.


Additionally, Oreshina is hard at work on four more PLAYTIME installations: IKEA Teply Stan, IKEA Belaya Dacha, Voroshilovsky Shopping Center in Volgograd.

“We are so excited to introduce Russian families to PLAYTIME,” says Oreshina. “This will change the shopping experience for everyone.”