Westfield® Fashion Square Play Area Blends Fun, Beauty and History


Westfield Fashion Square, located in Sherman Oaks, CA has been around since the 1960s and, according to Juliet Mothershed, Director of Marketing, the shopping center is beloved by a community that has a “long memory of shopping there.”

Originally an outdoor shopping center, the mall was renovated and enclosed after the 1994 earthquake. At the time, residents worried about what would become of the center’s iconic Koi fish pond. Those fish were ultimately brought inside the new center and incorporated into a play area.

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As Mothershed describes it, the fish tank was below ground with a Plexiglas pyramid on top, right in the center of the playground equipment so that children could view the fish.

Now, fast-forward to more recent renovations. Recently, Westfield Fashion Square decided to install a brand new soft foam play area. And again, they sought a way to incorporate the iconic fish tank.

“In the new play area, one wall is a stand-up fish tank and the fish can be seen from inside the play area or from the outside of it in the main mall area, as well,” explains Mothershed. “There is also blown glass artwork inside of the tank. People love it.”


“Honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful play areas I´ve ever seen in a shopping center,” she says. “It is even compelling to adults. When I give tours to partners and other visitors, I take them there. It is a beautiful destination.”

The aquatic-themed Westfield play area equipment and carpeting were designed, manufactured and installed by PLAYTIME, LLC, the global provider of unique, interactive healthy play areas and playground equipment for indoor, outdoor and water play.


“Westfield Fashion Square has been a family destination for decades and, in renovating the mall, we´ve brought new excitement to a long-time, iconic amenity that they´ve always loved,” says Mothershed. “These Westfield Play Spaces are just one of our branded amenities and an example of our unique relationship and understanding of our shoppers in our local communities.”

Mothershed says the play area opened to the public in November just in time for the busy shopping season.

“We saw it as our holiday gift to the community,” she says.


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