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Why Choose PLAYTIME?

Chances are, you’ve seen PLAYTIME custom-designed playground equipment at a local airport, water park, stadium, school or other commercial space. Our company started more than 20 years ago, and since then we have become one of the top providers of playground equipment for commercial use.


PLAYTIME began because our team saw a need for more innovative, interactive play equipment that also appealed to parents. Our goal was to create play equipment that inspires imaginations and prompts childhood development.

We have been pioneers in the industry, installing our first play space in Cherry Creek Mall in Colorado in 1998. In 2002, McDonald’s chose to work with us and now PlayPlace® solutions are available at restaurants across the country. By 2003, we expanded into outdoor play areas and a year later we started creating international play spaces.

In 2010, we created a South Korean play space that The Guinness Book of World Records named the world’s largest indoor theme park. In the first year, it attracted over one million visitors, and PLAYTIME was asked to help expand the park the following year. Our offerings include everything from sculptures to play areas, high-tech touch screens and interactive experiences, branding options, signage and more.

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Benefits of Choosing PLAYTIME Play Area Equipment

At PLAYTIME, as one of the largest commercial indoor playground equipment manufacturers, we are passionate about what we do. We are deeply dedicated to helping create the most exciting and enriching play spaces for organizations. When you work with us, you can enjoy these benefits and more.

Turnkey Service

Our comprehensive services include detailed help from concept to installation so you can focus on your business. You tell us your goals and what you want, and we make it happen with your budget and the space available. We even offer project management services to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Increased Foot Traffic

PLAYTIME play equipment is designed to be colorful and eye-catching, attracting new customers to your business. We can design custom pieces on a grand scale and create attention-grabbing play areas that draw kids and families to you.

Easy to Clean

Our play equipment is made with certified antibacterial and fungal-resistant materials, which helps keep your play area clean. Our equipment has a non-porous coating, so it is easy to clean and harder for germs to hide.

Durable, Long-Lasting Equipment

PLAYTIME playground equipment is designed to last. Our team includes carpenters, artists, designers and other professionals who build each piece by hand. In fact, we are so passionate about the quality that PLAYTIME is a fiberglass manufacturer. We even have a metalworks space in our 100,000 square foot facility. Our team of experts and our ability to make some materials from scratch ensures we deliver high-quality finished products and a high level of customization.

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Ready to learn more? Our team is happy to answer any questions. Contact PLAYTIME today to discuss your commercial play area and get started on your next project.

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