Our Process

Our Process

If you’re interested in designing a children’s playground for your business, you’ll find what you need with PLAYTIME. Unlike other turnkey playground equipment manufacturers, PLAYTIME custom-designs and builds unique indoor and outdoor play areas that you and your customers won’t find anywhere else. We’ll work closely with you from beginning to end to ensure the entire process runs smoothly and your vision comes to life.

If you dreamt up an imaginative play area you want for your business, or if you need help thinking of a concept within your budget, we’re here to assist you.

PLAYTIMEs well developed process

Playtime’s Well-Developed Process

As a business owner, you’re constantly thinking of new ways to grow your business. One way to see your business flourish is to attract families and keep them coming back with an engaging play area that fits your brand and personality.

PLAYTIME offers a well-developed playground and experience to help you every step of the way, from the idea development stages to installation. Whether you own a retail store, childcare center, restaurant, healthcare office, fitness center or any other type of business where you want to create a customer experience, our process is designed to help you succeed. In this guide, we’ll discuss the steps of our process and the benefits it can offer, so you can see how PLAYTIME is ready to help you reach your goals.

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1. Developing the Concept

Every great playground starts with an idea. Our consultants are ready to help you develop a concept that fits your space, budget, brand and goals. We’ll work with you closely by listening to your needs and project requirements. We’ll consider details such as the size of your space, timeframe and budget. We’ll then work with you to design a play structure that best suits your business and desired theme.

2. Project Management

When you work with PLAYTIME, you can leave playground project management to us, and focus on other aspects of your business. Our experienced project management team takes care of the entire process to ensure we deliver and assemble your playground on time, within budget and with a professional touch. Our team applies well-established methods and industry knowledge to make sure your playground is created and installed exactly as you envisioned. You can be confident your playground project will be successful when you partner with us.

3. Designing and Creating Your Playground

Creative services offered

PLAYTIME is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology and staffed by a skilled team of sculptors, artists, carpenters and metal fabricators to bring your design into existence. Our creative services include:

  • 3D modeling: PLAYTIME’s artists use the latest computer software to turn your ideas into 3D models, whether your playground concept is drawn on paper or only exists in your imagination. Our craftsmen then use these models to bring your idea to life.
  • Digital: PLAYTIME is dedicated to following the latest technological advancements so we can design and create state-of-the-art experiences for our clients and their customers. Through lighting and electronics, we are able to incorporate interactivity into our creations to keep your customers excited. Many people expect their favorite business to offer modern elements, and with us, you can exceed their expectations.
  • Sculpt: PLAYTIME components begin with a block of recycled styrofoam. Our craftsmen skillfully hand-sculpt each element based on the 3D models of your design. With our 100,000-square-foot warehouse, a team of specialty sculptors and sophisticated manufacturing technology, we’re able to craft your play sculpture design on short notice, and in high volume.
  • Fiberglass: As one of the top fiberglass manufacturers in the industry, we’re proud to design and produce custom sculptures and architectural elements. Whether you wish to turn a corner of your retail space into a whimsical palace or a one-of-a-kind landscape from your dreams, we have the experience, molding capabilities and passion for taking on the challenge. 
  • Paint: You can see the artistry and pride when you look at a PLAYTIME creation. Thanks to our skilled airbrush artists, no two pieces are the same. Your customers will appreciate the truly custom play equipment you’ve installed especially for them.
  • Carpentry: Does your playground incorporate wood elements? Our in-house carpenters bring a range of unique skills to any playground project. They’ll work with you to construct a tailored play area that meets your requirements.
  • Metalworks: You may require metal components to make your playground a reality, and we’re prepared to handle the task. Our services include the expertise of our skilled workforce to cut, bend, weld or form several types of metals of any size. Our innovative technology enables us to deliver quality products efficiently.
  • Mold creation: If you wish to tie your play area together with consistent shapes or architectural details, our custom molds will come in handy. Our mold and casting department is equipped with the necessary materials to produce high-quality, molded components and help you complete your project quickly.

4. Installation

After we design and manufacture every element of your playground, our in-house installation team will arrive at your site to install your new play area. Our trained installers will put your play area together exactly as you planned, and we’ll stay with you through the process until you’re satisfied. With the help of our installation team, you can have your playground ready for your customers as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Choosing PLAYTIME

Benefits of choosing PLAYTIME

At PLAYTIME, our goal is to produce memorable, creative play areas that help our clients increase foot traffic. We are excited to work with you every step of the way and look forward to challenging projects. If you partner with us, you’ll enjoy all kinds of benefits, including:

  • Work with experts: PLAYTIME has been a leader in the realm of handcrafted customized play areas for over 20 years. We’ve designed and installed play areas in businesses across the United States, from Major League Baseball stadiums to popular chain restaurants. When you work with PLAYTIME, you partner with a company that has a record of success and dependability.
  • Boost revenue: Families who have to choose between your business and someone else’s will turn towards you if you offer one-of-a-kind play experiences. They’ll be bound to return, and will look forward to visiting you time and time again. Adults in your store or restaurant will also be more likely to stay longer and spend more if their kids are busy and happy. All of this will help boost revenue and attract new customers.
  • Build your brand: Our elements are custom-made, so your customers won’t be able to find your play area at competitors’ locations. Families will associate fun and uniqueness with your brand and will encourage others to visit your business. Your innovative play environment will build your reputation and show customers you appreciate them.
  • Enjoy the process: We offer unique playground equipment design solutions, which you won’t find at an average manufacturer. We also aim to make the process as smooth and effortless as possible. From our range of creative services and capabilities to our dedicated representatives and designers who will listen to your needs carefully, we’re prepared to make your experience positive and worthwhile.

Build Your Business With PLAYTIME

Designing a playground is a complicated process, but luckily, PLAYTIME is here to help.

If you’re ready to boost business with a turnkey playground solution, we’re ready to start the process. Our representatives look forward to speaking with you about designing your unique creation and everything the process entails. To get started or to learn more information, contact us today.

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