PLAYTIME Celebrates Fun at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018


The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) will soon host its Attractions Expo on November 12-16 in Orlando, Fl. The event is the leading global conference and trade for the industry with a theme of “Fun Forward to Build the Future.” Industry thought leaders, executives, professionals, and suppliers will all be participating. PLAYTIME... Read more »

PLAYTIME Playscapes are Made Durable, UV-Stable, and Fade Resistant Through the Use of GFRP


PLAYTIME is a leader in the design and manufacture of vibrant, safe, and educational indoor, outdoor, and water play areas enjoyed by children around the world. Each PLAYTIME project is custom designed, handcrafted, and assembled to create a unique play area that attracts more foot traffic. Playspaces come in a variety of themes and configurations... Read more »

The Serious Need for Play


To an adult, a cardboard box is nothing more than packaging. To a child, it can be a spaceship, an underwater cave, a race car, a library or even an imaginary robot friend. Watching a young child play in this imaginative way, it might seem like she’s doing nothing more than having fun. But there’s... Read more »

The Fascinating History of Playgrounds


We all remember spending summer days trying to conquer the monkey bars and seeing who could go the highest on the swings. Playgrounds not only create wonderful memories, but they also play a critical role in the social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development of children starting in early childhood. Designed as a cheerful place of... Read more »

A Look Back on 20 Years of PLAYTIME


Play is a critical component of children’s overall development. PLAYTIME has a long history of understanding the role of imagination, movement, and socialization inherent in play. As the leader in creating functional play environments with architectural accents and customized theming, PLAYTIME is proudly celebrating 20 years of innovation in play environment design. An Idea Is... Read more »

Make Your Hotel an Adventure For All Ages


When you think of the hospitality industry, do you think of zip lining, rope courses, and rock walls? If so, then you are in tune with a rapidly emerging trend where these kinds of activities—and many more—are being offered to customers as an experience enhancing incentive. Today, hospitality organizations are competing to not only get... Read more »

Fun for the Whole Family: Why Theme Parks Should Reconsider Play Areas for the Smallest Visitors


Theme parks are designed for family fun and are a popular pick for vacations. Families have a lot of choices considering the many options in the U.S. According to the IAAPA (International Association of Amusements Parks and Attractions), there are over 400 amusement parks in the U.S., and the most significant guest demographic for these... Read more »

When Children Need a Vacation from Vacation: Exploring Hotel and Resort Play Spaces


There’s no question about the critical role of play in the lives of children. Playtime aids in the crucial development of a child’s body, mind, and emotions. It is their job to play, and modern thinking is beginning to embrace that idea again after many years of pushing children to participate in adult activities during... Read more »

Nurturing Creative Minds


Using imagination and play to benefit childhood development requires the tempting children’s attempts to do things new and exciting and in unfolding the scope of young people’s critical thinking potentiality. If not universally agreed upon, it is fair to say that great value is given to the notion that parents should limit screen time for... Read more »

Washington Dulles NASA-Themed FunWay Play Area Delights Traveling Families


Washington Dulles International Airport is committed to making travel as enjoyable as possible for its customers of all ages. One way the busy airport accomplishes this goal is by offering a kid-friendly play area in partnership with NASA. Families traveling through Dulles can enjoy a FunWay adventure designed and manufactured by PLAYTIME. The engaging and interactive... Read more »

A Diversity of Designs Create A Whole World of Fun


For children, play is just as critical as good nutrition and education in their overall development. In an urbanized, digitized, and overweight world, playgrounds promote childhood health and community in a culture that seems to have forgotten these qualities. Sensory development, creativity, social experiences, and movement must be part of the child’s daily routine. Today’s... Read more »

Sustainable PLAYTIME


Kids’ Park Aids in Redevelopment of Downtown Bellflower The city of Bellflower, California upholds the mission “to protect and enrich the quality of life, to make Bellflower an excellent place to live, work, and play.” The city values programs that nurture new businesses provide recreational and community services, preserve the environment and provide for the... Read more »

Not All Play is Created Equal: Outdoor Play Offers Major Developmental Benefits


Have you ever heard the expression, “That’s child’s play?” Usually meant to minimize the importance of an activity, the expression really has it all wrong because few things are as important as play in a child’s life. And as children grow up to be future leaders in education, medicine, politics, and various other fields, children’s... Read more »

RECon 2018 and the Retailtainment Movement


RECon was held May 20-23 in Las Vegas, and this year’s show was a huge success! PLAYTIME is excited to have been among the Global Retail Real Estate Convention’s 37,000 professional guests in attendance. During this ultimate gathering for retail real estate pros from all over the globe, industry leaders shared strategies and brought to... Read more »