The Importance of Outdoor Play


Take Them Outside: The Importance of Outdoor Play For busy, stressed adults, watching kids play at the park might inspire a little twinge of envy. Oh, to be a carefree kid again! But it’s important to remember that, for kids, outdoor play isn’t just about having fun (although that’s certainly an important element). Outdoor play... Read more »

Revitalizing Playgrounds on Budget


There is nothing quite as idyllic as a sunny park with a beautiful playground, and nothing quite as depressing as a tired, worn out one. Parks are a huge part of the public face of a community and can help attract young families to a neighborhood. They are social spaces, places for families, friends, and... Read more »

Technology on the Playground: PLAYTIME’s Reactions Wall Offers Fun Fitness for All Ages


Nearly everyone’s life has become defined by technology, though technology doesn’t always have to mean being stuck sitting behind a screen. PLAYTIME has developed a product that brings technology and activity together. The PLAYTIME Reactions Wall is a heads-up technology that pushes a player’s mental and physical agility while fitting seamlessly into the modern playground.... Read more »

A Better World, One Laugh at a Time


How do we make the world a better place? This is a question that gets tossed around a lot, but often without answers or results. These days, the news can paint a rather bleak picture and it can be difficult to see ways in which others do indeed make the world a happier, safer, and... Read more »

Heads-Up: Technology is Coming to a Play Area Near You


For many of us growing up, the ubiquitous “Go play outside!” was an invitation/demand from our parents to get out and move around. But whether it’s growing roots in front of the television or getting carpal tunnel on the computer, 21st century kids are spending more and more time sitting inside, and less moving outside.... Read more »

Empowering Kids Through Creative Play


Being a kid has so many perks, but one of the best is all the time they get to spend playing. Besides being fun, this is a vital part of a child’s development, both physically and mentally. Normal play activity teaches kids important coordination and motor skills, while creative free-form play further develops their ability... Read more »

How Play Spaces Help Hospitalized Children Heal


From the doctors and nurses to the front-desk staff and decision makers, professionals in children’s hospitals and medical centers go above and beyond to help their young patients. However, there is one thing many of these centers miss: designated play spaces. Adding these spaces can help younger patients heal both emotionally and physically. In addition... Read more »

Playing it Safe


200,000—that’s how many children are injured in playground-related incidents each year in the US. This staggering figure is a reminder that playground activity can be rough, and kids aren’t always very careful. Most of these injuries are the result of falls, or contact with hard surfaces, which is why PLAYTIME puts so much effort into... Read more »

PLAYTIME and the 5 Benefits of Play


Children need a physical place to congregate, connect, engage, and explore. The commercial standard for 20 years, PLAYTIME boosts sales and fosters branding by providing businesses with interactive, educational, and comforting play systems that encourage childhood development and promote family patronage. PLAYTIME’s play systems are designed and manufactured to encompass the five fundamental benefits of... Read more »

PLAYTIME to the Rescue: Creating Unforgettable Customer Experiences


Many major retailers and box stores are struggling to meet the challenges of competing with the online giants like Amazon. With the undeniable conveniences offered by these online megastores, how can traditional retailers survive? Retailers need every advantage they can get. Getting creative by crafting unique shopper experiences is perhaps the biggest advantage the brick... Read more »

Play Perfected


By Grant Walter, PLAYTIME Chief Executive Officer While we might get more wise, worldly and generally more skilled with age, kids will always have the upper hand on adults when it comes to all things imagination-related. As adults, the real world has a way of encroaching on those vivid, colorful imaginations we all thrived in... Read more »

Bringing Play Area Concepts to Life


Bringing play area concepts to life is a collaborative effort at PLAYTIME. Our team of designers works closely with all of our clients, taking their vision and infusing our creative expertise to create immersive play experiences. Our clients’ desire and dedication to creating a unique experience for their patrons should be celebrated. We aim to do just... Read more »

The New Success Metric: Return on Experience


Many companies look at their return on investment to determine whether they’re successful. However, this approach ignores the reality of the modern business world. Experience is the new marketing currency, with the customer experience poised to be the main competitive differentiator in 2020. It’s time for organizations to turn their attention to return on experience.... Read more »