Maximizing the QSR Experience


Customers at a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) go through a journey. They arrive at the location, wait in line, place their order, pay, eat and leave. While this can be a quick route, you shouldn’t treat it as a mere transaction. The restaurant is more than a place to eat food. It’s the opportunity to... Read more »

Overlake Christian Church Serves Community with KidTown Park


Overlake Christian Church has looked across its community to learn new ways to serve people. In addition to programs that help the homeless and teen moms, the church sought ways to serve families with young children by building a beautiful new indoor playground, which is now open and free to the public.

Refresh Your Play Area for the New Year


In preparation for a busy holiday season, it’s a great time to start thinking about how PLAYTIME can help in the in 2017. There are simple ways to brighten, refresh or add new components to your play area. Here are four ideas to make your play area feel new and exciting again.

Washington Dulles opens NASA-themed Kids’ FunWay airport play area


Washington Dulles International Airport, in partnership with NASA, is making travel even more enjoyable for its youngest customers. Children traveling through Dulles International can take off on their very own “FunWay” adventure in a new children’s airport play area designed and manufactured by PLAYTIME.

Gold’s Gym Mission Reinvests in Play, Enhances Member Experience


Gold's Gym Mission, in Mission, TX, has created a whole new family experience by adding an outdoor play area that children love. Now, parents can work out knowing their children are having fun in the Kid's Zone. "Having an area exclusively for kids is essential for our members who are parents since it allows them to exercise and focus in their fitness goals while we take care of their kids.”

PLAYTIME Stars at Ocean Lakes Sandy Harbor Splash Zone


Ocean Lakes Family Campground recently opened Sandy Harbor, a waterpark complete with lazy river, slides, toddler water play areas and more. The campground opened in 1971 and sees multi-generational families return again and again because of the campground's constant desire to offer the kind of vacation that families love. PLAYTIME was proud to provide water play elements designed to look like the campground's mascot, Sandy the Starfish.

What to do with Vacant Retail Space – Play!


Adding a play area to the retail mix not only absorbs vacant retail space but also provides a ready-made clientele for both your existing retail tenants and new sponsors. From indoor shopping centers to outdoor lifestyle centers, family play areas can bring in sponsorship and retail revenue, foot traffic, and positive publicity.

Carowinds Carolina Harbor Extends Southern Hospitality


Carolina Harbor at Carowinds amusement park features attractions for everyone, from a 7-story slide that satisfies thrill chasers to Myrtle Turtle Beach which entertains the park's youngest guests. PLAYTIME contributed a dry playground next to Myrtle Turtle Beach complete with ocean-themed play elements.