Playground Economics: Growing your Brick-and-Mortar Business with Play


Despite the rise of e-commerce, people still crave a physical place to congregate, connect and engage. PLAYTIME play areas deliver strong playground economics in terms of increased sales, increased visits and return on investment. Shopping centers can increase their retail brick-an-mortar business by adding a PLAYTIME soft play area.

PLAYTIME Creates Play Areas for Kids Locally and Worldwide


Today, Playtime's custom soft play areas can be found not just in malls across the world but airports, stadiums, restaurants, dentist offices and fitness centers. The company has completed 2,500 projects in more than 40 countries on five continents. The company recently hosted a crew from the Denver Post, including writer Emilie Rusch and photographer Helen H. Richardson. Here is their story.

Why Make Time For Play? Our CEO Tells You!


It feels like there’s always some new expert saying, “Make time for play,” and all we can think is: “When?!” Then, I read the stats and findings from KaBOOM’s research and thought, “Right now! I must do this now and always.” Here are some troubling trends in play today from the KaBOOM report.

WestGate Mall Listens to Families and Retailers


“Families have been asking for a play area for a long time,” says Dawkins. “Retailers have definitely asked for it because they wanted to see more families at this mall. We have a lot of hometown pride. One day, these children will grow up and talk about how they used to go play at WestGate Mall. That’s pretty special."

St. Clair Square Mall and Sponsor Team Up for Families


HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital was not only eager to provide a healthy play option for the area’s children, but was also in the middle of a big move and construction project. The hospital immediately saw the value in building excitement among families who visit St. Clair Square for the move and state-of-the-art facility.

Very Orthodontics Smile Cove at Eastwood Mall


Sponsored by Dr. Daniel G. Very Orthodontics, the new indoor play area at Eastwood Mall is a “very” special place to play. Dr. Very and Cafaro agreed upon an undersea theme using characters from “Captain McFinn & Friends,” a popular book series created by Cafaro.

Secaucus, NJ replaces 10 Outdoor Playgrounds


SECAUCUS NJ Mayor Gonnelli placed playgrounds at the top of the town’s priority list for investments. Read why the town's parks and recreation department chose PLAYTIME GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rather than GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) for its custom themed outdoor playground equipment.

Grapevine, TX Loves PLAYTIME Water Features!


The city of Grapevine, TX loves its pools, with good reason: it's hot in Texas! As the pools work hard to keep up with community expectations, they keep coming back to PLAYTIME for new water play elements, which have proved extremely durable and more popular than a nearby rock wall.

LEGOLAND Thrills Families with Tot Spots


“Every LEGOLAND park is designed for families with kids between two and 12,” says Adrian Jones, General Manager of LEGOLAND, FL. “We don’t try to be all things to all people and we don’t have gangs of teenagers running around. Instead, we make every effort to provide the absolute best experience for families with young children.” Recently, they opened an outdoor play area for toddlers.