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Playgrounds Where You Least Expect Them

Waiting room of naples community hospital with child playing with playtime elements

Why recreation professionals are getting creative with the next generation of fun. Being a parent in 2018 isn’t as easy as it was 100 years ago (or even 10 years ago). Kids are glued to screens more than ever before, so entertaining them is more challenging than ever before. So how does the digital revolution… Read more »

Washington Dulles NASA-Themed FunWay Play Area Delights Traveling Families

Washington Dulles Airport -Grasshopper NASA Play Theme Environment Created by Playtime

Washington Dulles International Airport is committed to making travel as enjoyable as possible for its customers of all ages. One way the busy airport accomplishes this goal is by offering a kid-friendly play area in partnership with NASA. Families traveling through Dulles can enjoy a FunWay adventure designed and manufactured by PLAYTIME. The engaging and interactive… Read more »

Heads-Up: Technology is Coming to a Play Area Near You

digital interactive game on wall by playtime

For many of us growing up, the ubiquitous “Go play outside!” was an invitation/demand from our parents to get out and move around. But whether it’s growing roots in front of the television or getting carpal tunnel on the computer, 21st century kids are spending more and more time sitting inside, and less moving outside…. Read more »

New Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital Play Area at LVIA Takes Flight

Lehigh Valley, Pa. (May 16, 2017) — Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital has partnered with Lehigh Valley International Airport (LVIA) to create a special place for young children and their families to pass the time while waiting for their planes to depart – the Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital Play Area at LVIA. “There’s a lot of… Read more »

Washington Dulles opens NASA-themed Kids’ FunWay airport play area

Kids playing in custom play area in airport

Washington Dulles International Airport, in partnership with NASA, is making travel even more enjoyable for its youngest customers. Children traveling through Dulles International can take off on their very own “FunWay” adventure in a new children’s airport play area designed and manufactured by PLAYTIME.

Minot International Airport Expands, Adds “Power Play”

Child playing on airplane sculpture

The airport play area’s story mimicked that of the Minot community: there was a sponsor lined up to pay for the play area but when oil prices dropped, the sponsor pulled out. Undaunted, airport executives went on a hunt for more sponsors, right at the height of the new terminal’s construction. Ultimately, the airport was able to secure not one, not two, but eight sponsors!

New Wichita Airport Terminal Honors History

Wichita airport custom play area

Wichita, KS is home to Learjet, Cessna, Beechcraft, Textron Aviation, Hawker, Spirit AeroSystems, Boeing, Airbus and more. Now, it’s also home to the state-of-the-art Wichita Airport terminal that features architecture, art and an in-line play area that make travel not only easier, but uplifting!

LAX Beach Airport Play Area Serves Family Travelers

Westfield LAX play area

Surf’s up! A new children’s play area – dubbed “LAX Beach” – has opened in the new Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Designed in tandem by Westfield and PLAYTIME, the new play area is part of a world-class dining and retail collection by Westfield featuring over 60 new premier shops and restaurants, including 22 local L.A. brands, cutting-edge design and dazzling amenities.

Catering to Small Customers Can Yield Large Returns

Custom play area in airport

Airport Improvement Magazine states: “A family’s average dwell time in an airport play area ranges from 45 to 90 minutes. That’s a lot of time to capture concessions sales and build customer loyalty. Creating and maintaining a family-friendly play area can go a long way toward turning traveling families into happy, repeat customers.” Written by… Read more »