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Explore the Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Play Experience at Mall of America

The Mall of America is much more than a retail space. It houses its very own amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe. The park is a favorite for families; however, most of the attractions cater to children age 5 and up. For those families under 5, the park was missing an important piece. That’s why Mall of… Read more »

PLAYTIME Celebrates Fun at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018

aerial view of playtime climbing structures and seating area at twelve oaks mall

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) will soon host its Attractions Expo on November 12-16 in Orlando, Fl. The event is the leading global conference and trade for the industry with a theme of “Fun Forward to Build the Future.” Industry thought leaders, executives, professionals, and suppliers will all be participating. PLAYTIME… Read more »

Play Areas Reinvent America’s Favorite Pastime

full view of outdoor play area with mitt, hotdog, and baseball cards at play area PLAYTIME

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd. Families have attended professional baseball games for more than a century. Today, baseball fans sharing their love for the game with their kids is a rite of passage. In fact, many pro sports venues have tailored certain in-stadium play areas for kids. These… Read more »

Make Your Hotel an Adventure For All Ages

family excited to see their hotel room playtime

When you think of the hospitality industry, do you think of zip lining, rope courses, and rock walls? If so, then you are in tune with a rapidly emerging trend where these kinds of activities—and many more—are being offered to customers as an experience enhancing incentive. Today, hospitality organizations are competing to not only get… Read more »

Technology on the Playground: PLAYTIME’s Reactions Wall Offers Fun Fitness for All Ages

young boy playing with PLAYTIME interactive sports theme

Nearly everyone’s life has become defined by technology, though technology doesn’t always have to mean being stuck sitting behind a screen. PLAYTIME has developed a product that brings technology and activity together. The PLAYTIME Reactions Wall is a heads-up technology that pushes a player’s mental and physical agility while fitting seamlessly into the modern playground…. Read more »

The Toddler Takeover: Saving Family Time with Children’s Play Spaces

young girl playing on playtime dragon structure at lakeside shopping center

Toddlers, children around age 2-6, present a new set of joys for parents. Kids are gaining confidence and balance in their walking skills and their verbal interaction is improving by leaps and bounds. They are developing a sense of independence with the capabilities to more fully explore and learn about their new world. This age… Read more »

Heads-Up: Technology is Coming to a Play Area Near You

digital interactive game on wall by playtime

For many of us growing up, the ubiquitous “Go play outside!” was an invitation/demand from our parents to get out and move around. But whether it’s growing roots in front of the television or getting carpal tunnel on the computer, 21st century kids are spending more and more time sitting inside, and less moving outside…. Read more »

Stadium Play-Areas are a Home Run with Kids, Families, and MLB Teams

Brewers playing area with mascot at home plate at Brewers play area PLAYTIME

The opening day of America’s past time is upon us, and soon families across the nation will be taking their kids out to a ballgame. But despite all the peanuts and crackerjack, sometimes kids have a hard time making it to that seventh inning stretch, let alone all nine innings, and in many cases, ballparks… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Every FEC Needs a Toddler Play Area

Kids playing on custom play area

Family entertainment centers (FECs) are attractions that offer a wide range of types of facilities and business models, all designed to attract families of all ages. From connecting on social media to increasing family business, here are five reasons why every family entertainment center needs a toddler play area.

Hershey Lodge Adds Sweet Reese’s Water Walk

Water floating elements at Hershey Park

Hershey Lodge at Hersheypark caters to the families that visit the beloved amusement park. With a new Reese’s themed water walk and water play complex at the lodge itself, guests can have fun everywhere they go!

PLAYTIME Stars at Ocean Lakes Sandy Harbor Splash Zone

Custom elements in swimming pool

Ocean Lakes Family Campground recently opened Sandy Harbor, a waterpark complete with lazy river, slides, toddler water play areas and more. The campground opened in 1971 and sees multi-generational families return again and again because of the campground’s constant desire to offer the kind of vacation that families love. PLAYTIME was proud to provide water play elements designed to look like the campground’s mascot, Sandy the Starfish.

Carowinds Carolina Harbor Extends Southern Hospitality

Outdoor custom play area

Carolina Harbor at Carowinds amusement park features attractions for everyone, from a 7-story slide that satisfies thrill chasers to Myrtle Turtle Beach which entertains the park’s youngest guests. PLAYTIME contributed a dry playground next to Myrtle Turtle Beach complete with ocean-themed play elements.

Typhoon Texas Waterpark “Selling Tickets Like Crazy”

Typhoon Texas swimming pool with floatables

Typhoon Texas waterpark opened Memorial Day weekend with amenities that serve every age. Seven-story-tall water slides thrill older patrons while toddlers can splash around in Buckaroo Bayou, which was designed and manufactured by PLAYTIME.

Splash Pad at Florida Aquarium Adds “Dynamic Fun,” Draws New Members

Florida Aquarium custom play area

The Florida Aquarium takes its mission seriously. The nonprofit organization sees over 800,000 visitors annually and does its part to educate young and old about water conservation, marine biology and the role of water in Florida’s ecosystem. In order to keep that mission alive, the aquarium recently replaced an aging water play area with a state-of-the-art area called “The Splash Pad,” and the fun amenity seems to have done its job.

2016 Waterparks Grand Openings

3D drawing of floating elements in pool Hershey Water Works- Water Theme Environment Created by Playtime

PLAYTIME is thrilled to present the 2016 Waterparks Grand Openings of some fabulous new water parks in North America, including Hershey’s Lodge, Typhoon Texas, Kamp Dels and the Carowinds Amusement and Water Park.

Theming: 2016 is the Year of the Monkey

Pearl Dental Tokyo Welcome MOnkey

PLAYTIME’s theming business is growing at a phenomenal rate with increased demand for sponsor-branded and custom themed environments. PLAYTIME is celebrating 2016 The Year of the Monkey, by sharing our fabulous monkey and gorilla-themed indoor and outdoor play areas with you.

Water Park Boosts Winter Business for Resort

Elkhorn Resort floatables in pool

The Elkhorn Resort in Canada has been a family destination for decades. In an effort to boost family visits in the slow winter months, the resort recently opened an indoor water park, including a PLAYTIME water walk. How did it pick up business?