Category: Childcare Play Areas

Overlake Christian Church Serves Community with KidTown Park

Kids playing on tree sculpture

Overlake Christian Church has looked across its community to learn new ways to serve people. In addition to programs that help the homeless and teen moms, the church sought ways to serve families with young children by building a beautiful new indoor playground, which is now open and free to the public.

Gold’s Gym Mission Reinvests in Play, Enhances Member Experience

Golds Gym custom play area

Gold’s Gym Mission, in Mission, TX, has created a whole new family experience by adding an outdoor play area that children love. Now, parents can work out knowing their children are having fun in the Kid’s Zone. “Having an area exclusively for kids is essential for our members who are parents since it allows them to exercise and focus in their fitness goals while we take care of their kids.”

Results Gym and Fitness Boosts Membership with Play Area

Results Gym custom play area woodland theme

Results Gym and Fitness in Tremonton, UT was lacking a state-of-the-art fitness center for its small, family oriented community. Chelsea and Bryan Capener decided to open one themselves, complete with child care facility and fitness center play area!

Topeka Rescue Mission Uses Play to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Child sitting on butterfly sculpture

The Topeka Rescue Mission has been helping homeless families for decades but, recently, they decided to put more focus on children, believing that childhood experiences can help to break the generational cycle of homelessness. This approach includes play as a transformational experience in their lives. “A lot of these kids don’t get played with. That has a tremendous impact on their brain development and how they interact with others.”

Bettenhausen Rec Center Keeps Kids and Teens Moving

Kids playing in tunnel

Located in Tinley Park, IL, the Tony Bettenhausen Rec Center serves between 25,000 and 35,000 people every single month. As part of its mission to help the community stay healthy, the center has installed a brand new play area for young children as well as The Pit Stop, a custom-designed retreat where teens must ride bikes to power video games, among other amenities.

Champions Centre Attracts Families with Play Zone

Indoor play area

With locations in Tacoma and Bellevue, WA, Champions Centre boasts an all -inclusive membership of over 10,000 people and holds weekend services for crowds of up to 6,000. Every time they hold an event, they make sure to plan something for young children at their Play Zone childcare area.

Greenwood Athletic Club Recruits Families with Fun

Greenwood Athletic club custom play area

Working with PLAYTIME, Greenwood Athletic Club “tried to select the pieces with the most play value” and reports that both kids and parents alike love the new play elements. The play area has even helped to recruit new members to the athletic facility.

LA Fitness Provides a Guilt-Free Workout

LA Fitness custom play area

Here’s a shout-out to all you Naples, FL parents looking for a guilt-free workout. LA Fitness in Naples, FL is opening a new facility complete with gorgeous new PLAYTIME soft-foam play elements! Your kids will struggle to free themselves from your arms so that they can play, while you go enjoy this awesome new facility.