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From Shaping Styrofoam to Making Memories: The PLAYTIME Process

employee sanding down structure playtime

How does PLAYTIME take a piece of recycled styrofoam and turn it into a themed experience? In a 12-week fulfillment process, PLAYTIME sculpts, paints and installs orders while managing the entire project. State of the art fiberglass molds are personalized for PLAYTIME customers and installed by the company’s own installation team so that the customer… Read more »

A Diversity of Designs Create A Whole World of Fun

Playtime team sitting at a table collaborating for design build play area

For children, play is just as critical as good nutrition and education in their overall development. In an urbanized, digitized, and overweight world, playgrounds promote childhood health and community in a culture that seems to have forgotten these qualities. Sensory development, creativity, social experiences, and movement must be part of the child’s daily routine. Today’s… Read more »

Bringing Play Area Concepts to Life

PLAYTIME cute Monster In-Line Space play area

Bringing play area concepts to life is a collaborative effort at PLAYTIME. Our team of designers works closely with all of our clients, taking their vision and infusing our creative expertise to create immersive play experiences. Our clients’ desire and dedication to creating a unique experience for their patrons should be celebrated. We aim to do just… Read more »

Simple Technology, Monster Fun

Custom play area monster theme

Today’s shopping center calls for a new style of leadership to embolden and accelerate innovation. From unique, environmental designs to interactive digital games, PLAYTIME offers immersive experiences with thoughtfully integrated technology components that are tested, fun, and durable. Play here.

15 Years of Progressive Play Area Design

Creative Director of Playtime in his office

PLAYTIME is celebrating its 15th year in business and proud to be trusted by major brands to bring their images to life in over 45 countries worldwide. Experts in play area design, Founder and Creative Director Jon Norby and 3D designer Shane Duerksen report on the evolution of play area design.