Category: Playground Economics

Revitalizing Playgrounds on Budget

outdoor play area renovation by playtime

There is nothing quite as idyllic as a sunny park with a beautiful playground, and nothing quite as depressing as a tired, worn out one. Parks are a huge part of the public face of a community and can help attract young families to a neighborhood. They are social spaces, places for families, friends, and… Read more »

Year-End Budget Ideas for Play

Kids playing on bridge sculpture

Many organizations have available year-end budget that they would like to allocate to children’s programs and play areas. Whether a complete play area or individual project element, we’ll work within your budget and your timeline to produce great results.

Playground Economics: Growing your Brick-and-Mortar Business with Play

Custom play area in mall

Despite the rise of e-commerce, people still crave a physical place to congregate, connect and engage. PLAYTIME play areas deliver strong playground economics in terms of increased sales, increased visits and return on investment. Shopping centers can increase their retail brick-an-mortar business by adding a PLAYTIME soft play area.