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Heads-Up: Technology is Coming to a Play Area Near You

digital interactive game on wall by playtime

For many of us growing up, the ubiquitous “Go play outside!” was an invitation/demand from our parents to get out and move around. But whether it’s growing roots in front of the television or getting carpal tunnel on the computer, 21st century kids are spending more and more time sitting inside, and less moving outside…. Read more »

More Than Just Fun, Play Areas Offer Long Lasting Benefits

mcdonalds playplace area with music elements and slide created by playtime

Going out for a meal should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience for the family. There’s a reason over half of Americans choose to go out for a meal at least one a week. It’s always nice to take a break from cooking and dish-duty, and enjoy the food and service that comes with eating out…. Read more »

Maximizing the QSR Experience

McDonalds custom play area

Customers at a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) go through a journey. They arrive at the location, wait in line, place their order, pay, eat and leave. While this can be a quick route, you shouldn’t treat it as a mere transaction. The restaurant is more than a place to eat food. It’s the opportunity to… Read more »

Sonic Drive-In revolutionizes the franchise model, adds play amenities

Sonic Drive Thru play area

The idea for a Sonic Drive In play area was born by owner Jana Mcdaniel’s personal experience as a parent. She wanted a safe place for kids to hang out at their store. The Sonic Drive-in vintage truck design “hit a home run” and has become the official mascot for the Okarche, OK store.

The McDonald’s Edge: Entertainment

McDonalds custom play area

Restaurants are all talking about the “experience” that they provide to customers. Smart McDonald’s franchise owners know this and are already ahead of the curve.