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A Look Back on 20 Years of PLAYTIME

aerial view of kids playing at cherry creek mall breakfast theme PLAYTIME play area

Play is a critical component of children’s overall development. PLAYTIME has a long history of understanding the role of imagination, movement, and socialization inherent in play. As the leader in creating functional play environments with architectural accents and customized theming, PLAYTIME is proudly celebrating 20 years of innovation in play environment design. An Idea Is… Read more »

Lakeside Shopping Center – Restoring the Magic

Lakeside Shopping Center Play area by PLAYTIME

By some estimates, 25% of traditional malls will be closed by 2022—primarily due to a decline in traffic in major retail spaces. This decline has left many malls with empty in-line spaces that need to be filled with attractions to revitalize foot traffic. PLAYTIME offers a viable solution. By repurposing in-line spaces as play areas,… Read more »

Hawaii Moms: We Tried It! The New Windward Mall Play Area

It’s two thumbs up from a couple of local Hawaii moms recently blogged about the new look and climbing elements at Jones Lang LaSalle’s new Windward Mall play area. The new indoor play area is making waves at the shopping center in Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii.

Westfield® Fashion Square Play Area Blends Fun, Beauty and History

“Honestly, it´s one of the most beautiful play areas I´ve ever seen in a shopping center,” says Juliet Mothershed, Director of Marketing, Westfield Fashion Square. “It´s even compelling to adults. When I give tours to partners and other visitors, I take them there. It´s a beautiful destination.”

Refresh Your Play Area for the New Year

Superstition springs custom play area

In preparation for a busy holiday season, it’s a great time to start thinking about how PLAYTIME can help in the in 2017. There are simple ways to brighten, refresh or add new components to your play area. Here are four ideas to make your play area feel new and exciting again.

Educational Play Sponsored at Ashland Town Center

Space themed custom play area

WP Glimcher’s Ashland Town Center and its sponsor King’s Daughters Medical Center want to spark children’s interest in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – at an early age. The vehicle – a space shuttle and play area that educates about ‘healthcare that’s out-of-this world’.

What to do with Vacant Retail Space – Play!

Southwest Plaza play area

Adding a play area to the retail mix not only absorbs vacant retail space but also provides a ready-made clientele for both your existing retail tenants and new sponsors. From indoor shopping centers to outdoor lifestyle centers, family play areas can bring in sponsorship and retail revenue, foot traffic, and positive publicity.

Patio Universidad Provides “Entertainment as Service” Retail Amenities

Custom play area in mall

With over 100 new malls built or planned between 2013 and 2017, Mexico is seeing an explosion of shopping opportunities for its communities. Attracting shoppers in this competitive marketplace has led to a new way of viewing the shopping experience, leading malls to install engaging new retail amenities and services that cater to busy families.

15 Years of Progressive Play Area Design

Creative Director of Playtime in his office

PLAYTIME is celebrating its 15th year in business and proud to be trusted by major brands to bring their images to life in over 45 countries worldwide. Experts in play area design, Founder and Creative Director Jon Norby and 3D designer Shane Duerksen report on the evolution of play area design.

New Tenants, Amenities & Traffic: PREIT’s Cumberland Mall

Custom play area in Cumberland Mall

With a brand new Dick’s Sporting Goods, several new tenants – both restaurants and retailers – and a first-time-ever play area sponsored by Inspira Health Network, PREIT’s Cumberland Mall in Vineland, NJ is seeing an uptick in traffic as well as a resurgence of popularity. The play area’s healthy theme includes many fruits and vegetables that are grown in the largely agricultural area where the mall is located.

Shopping Center Play Areas: Small Spaces, Big Fun

Outdoor mall play area

Shopping centers are getting creative with small spaces, packing big fun into outdoor walkways, indoor corridors, and under stairways that otherwise would go unused. These affordable play areas, as small as 300 square feet, include a full turnkey package from PLAYTIME. The photos tell the story.

New Friends: Connecting Brands through Sponsorship

Thomas the Train custom play area

Mattel has been eager to find ways to make its brand franchise more popular around the world. Now PLAYTIME is creating larger-than-life FisherPrice® and Thomas & Friends play areas. Sponsors have the opportunity to connect their brand with these beloved characters.

Designing Fun: PLAYTIME at ICSC Conferences 2016

Dueling Elephants PLAYTIME sculpture in mall

We’ve been challenged with answering questions about what’s new, what’s different, and how things are changing. Years ago it was all about engaging kids. Today it’s about designing play areas that engage kids AND inspire adults. New aesthetics, modern designs and simple technology. Look what’s new.

Inline Play Area Doubles as Family Retreat Center

Soutwest Plaza custom play area woodland theme

During a recent year-long renovation, Southwest Plaza in Littleton, CO, owned by General Growth Properties, took a new approach to their play area philosophy: they used an inline space to create a family retreat, including bathrooms, a nursing room, comfortable seating and counter seating.

PLAYTIME Popularity Grows at Russian IKEA MEGA Malls

Custom play area space themed

PLAYTIME’s popularity continues to grow in Russia with play areas recently opened in two separate IKEA MEGA malls: MEGA Belaya Dacha and MEGA Teply Stan. MEGA is a chain of shopping centers in Russia owned and operated by IKEA. Each MEGA hosts over 150 tenants including an IKEA retail store, a hypermarket, and a DIY store.

New Product: PXLPLAY™ Interactive Play Panels

Kids playing in custom play area

PXLPLAY™ is a wall-mounted, interactive LED lighting system that responds to human touch by changing color, brightness and patterns. PXLPLAY play panels feature an intuitive interface with a network of full-spectrum LEDs, sensors, and a variety of animated light games and program sequences.

From Empty Sidewalk to Lively Play Space

Outdoor play area at Mall

Outdoor play areas are a great option for retail centers looking to create gathering spaces and a connection to the community. PLAYTIME’s outdoor play space solutions are safer than traditional playgrounds and have the design flexibility to match a property’s look and feel. See how centers have transformed empty sidewalks into lively play spaces.

Theming: 2016 is the Year of the Monkey

Pearl Dental Tokyo Welcome MOnkey

PLAYTIME’s theming business is growing at a phenomenal rate with increased demand for sponsor-branded and custom themed environments. PLAYTIME is celebrating 2016 The Year of the Monkey, by sharing our fabulous monkey and gorilla-themed indoor and outdoor play areas with you.

The Most Generous Sponsors of PLAYTIME

The Medical Center of Plano custom play area

Retail destinations attract millions of visitors, which make them productive opportunities for multi-year contracts with brand sponsors. The generous sponsors of PLAYTIME include consumer brands, children’s hospitals, museums and zoos, and local companies. Why do sponsors invest in play?