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The Serious Need for Play

Windward Mall play area with sea turtle

To an adult, a cardboard box is nothing more than packaging. To a child, it can be a spaceship, an underwater cave, a race car, a library or even an imaginary robot friend. Watching a young child play in this imaginative way, it might seem like she’s doing nothing more than having fun. But there’s… Read more »

Playgrounds Where You Least Expect Them

Waiting room of naples community hospital with child playing with playtime elements

Why recreation professionals are getting creative with the next generation of fun. Being a parent in 2018 isn’t as easy as it was 100 years ago (or even 10 years ago). Kids are glued to screens more than ever before, so entertaining them is more challenging than ever before. So how does the digital revolution… Read more »

Nurturing Creative Minds

Kids playing on custom snake element

Using imagination and play to benefit childhood development requires the tempting children’s attempts to do things new and exciting and in unfolding the scope of young people’s critical thinking potentiality. If not universally agreed upon, it is fair to say that great value is given to the notion that parents should limit screen time for… Read more »

A Diversity of Designs Create A Whole World of Fun

Playtime team sitting at a table collaborating for design build play area

For children, play is just as critical as good nutrition and education in their overall development. In an urbanized, digitized, and overweight world, playgrounds promote childhood health and community in a culture that seems to have forgotten these qualities. Sensory development, creativity, social experiences, and movement must be part of the child’s daily routine. Today’s… Read more »

Not All Play is Created Equal: Outdoor Play Offers Major Developmental Benefits

boy on crocodile on Playtime set outside

Have you ever heard the expression, “That’s child’s play?” Usually meant to minimize the importance of an activity, the expression really has it all wrong because few things are as important as play in a child’s life. And as children grow up to be future leaders in education, medicine, politics, and various other fields, children’s… Read more »

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Custom outdoor playground

Take Them Outside: The Importance of Outdoor Play For busy, stressed adults, watching kids play at the park might inspire a little twinge of envy. Oh, to be a carefree kid again! But it’s important to remember that, for kids, outdoor play isn’t just about having fun (although that’s certainly an important element). Outdoor play… Read more »

Technology on the Playground: PLAYTIME’s Reactions Wall Offers Fun Fitness for All Ages

young boy playing with PLAYTIME interactive sports theme

Nearly everyone’s life has become defined by technology, though technology doesn’t always have to mean being stuck sitting behind a screen. PLAYTIME has developed a product that brings technology and activity together. The PLAYTIME Reactions Wall is a heads-up technology that pushes a player’s mental and physical agility while fitting seamlessly into the modern playground…. Read more »

Heads-Up: Technology is Coming to a Play Area Near You

digital interactive game on wall by playtime

For many of us growing up, the ubiquitous “Go play outside!” was an invitation/demand from our parents to get out and move around. But whether it’s growing roots in front of the television or getting carpal tunnel on the computer, 21st century kids are spending more and more time sitting inside, and less moving outside…. Read more »

Empowering Kids Through Creative Play

PLAYTIME play area at Del Amo Fashion Center side view

Being a kid has so many perks, but one of the best is all the time they get to spend playing. Besides being fun, this is a vital part of a child’s development, both physically and mentally. Normal play activity teaches kids important coordination and motor skills, while creative free-form play further develops their ability… Read more »

PLAYTIME and the 5 Benefits of Play

Children need a physical place to congregate, connect, engage, and explore. The commercial standard for 20 years, PLAYTIME boosts sales and fosters branding by providing businesses with interactive, educational, and comforting play systems that encourage childhood development and promote family patronage. PLAYTIME’s play systems are designed and manufactured to encompass the five fundamental benefits of… Read more »

Play Perfected

Zelenopark Mall Moscow Russia Play Environment Created by Playtime

By Grant Walter, PLAYTIME Chief Executive Officer While we might get more wise, worldly and generally more skilled with age, kids will always have the upper hand on adults when it comes to all things imagination-related. As adults, the real world has a way of encroaching on those vivid, colorful imaginations we all thrived in… Read more »

More Than Just Fun, Play Areas Offer Long Lasting Benefits

mcdonalds playplace area with music elements and slide created by playtime

Going out for a meal should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience for the family. There’s a reason over half of Americans choose to go out for a meal at least one a week. It’s always nice to take a break from cooking and dish-duty, and enjoy the food and service that comes with eating out…. Read more »

The New Success Metric: Return on Experience

Gears with words Customer and Experience

Many companies look at their return on investment to determine whether they’re successful. However, this approach ignores the reality of the modern business world. Experience is the new marketing currency, with the customer experience poised to be the main competitive differentiator in 2020. It’s time for organizations to turn their attention to return on experience…. Read more »

Playground Safety First: A Toddler’s Point of View

Hand touching PLAYTIME soft elements turtle

What happens when you put a GoPro camera on a toddler and send him into a crowded play area? PLAYTIME wanted to know and so we did it! Check out the first-hand reasons that ‘Safety First’ is important in play area design.

Topeka Rescue Mission Uses Play to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Child sitting on butterfly sculpture

The Topeka Rescue Mission has been helping homeless families for decades but, recently, they decided to put more focus on children, believing that childhood experiences can help to break the generational cycle of homelessness. This approach includes play as a transformational experience in their lives. “A lot of these kids don’t get played with. That has a tremendous impact on their brain development and how they interact with others.”

15 Years of Progressive Play Area Design

Creative Director of Playtime in his office

PLAYTIME is celebrating its 15th year in business and proud to be trusted by major brands to bring their images to life in over 45 countries worldwide. Experts in play area design, Founder and Creative Director Jon Norby and 3D designer Shane Duerksen report on the evolution of play area design.

Healing Dinosaurs: A Day in the Life of a Child Life Specialist

Custom play area at Childrens Hospital

By getting Allyson out of her hospital room and into a Children’s Hospital Colorado playroom that’s home to a dinosaur, a castle playhouse and a Rocky Mountain wallscape, Megan helps Allyson be a typical preschooler.

Why Make Time For Play? Our CEO Tells You!

Girl sticking tongue out on butterfly sculpture

It feels like there’s always some new expert saying, “Make time for play,” and all we can think is: “When?!” Then, I read the stats and findings from KaBOOM’s research and thought, “Right now! I must do this now and always.” Here are some troubling trends in play today from the KaBOOM report.

SouthPark Mall Attracts Families with Large Outdoor Playground

South Park Mall custom play area

SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, NC installed a huge, gorgeous outdoor play area for families. The amenity, which boasts an ocean theme and has giant sun shades, has attracted more people to the nearby retailers and restaurants.