Design / Build Process

At PLAYTIME, you will work with talented people who possess a wide variety of backgrounds and skills, including business development experts, concept illustrators, design engineers, CAD designers, certified playground safety specialists, interior decorators, sculptors, painting specialists, world-class artists and highly qualified project managers.


We Build Fun! It all starts with our sales and design departments who work closely together with you to establish available space, budget range, and vision. Our customers’ creative involvement is completely up to them — we can translate your theming ideas into a reality or let us try to wow you with something fresh and new.

To get started, gather your concepts and ideas, available space and budget requirements, and give us a call. Our design and project development teams will review ideas and best practices to come up with the ideal layout for you. We will work with you closely at every single step — from concept design, to point of purchase, through project management and installation.

As part of the discovery process, determining your project budget is critical for steering you through the planning, purchasing, and building process. Considering final play area size, elements, components, and other site work when developing your budget will help to determine site information, restrictions, specifications, target dates, special uses or needs, and phases of development (if any).



PLAYTIME sees design as strategy in action, focused on results. We help our clients envision a better future and get there successfully. Our indoor, outdoor and water play areas are designed to generate innovative, family-friendly solutions that effect real transformation.

We design projects of all themes and styles – with realistic, natural looking attributes; abstract shapes and stylized objects; or whimsical, brightly colored creatures with sparkly eyes and animated features. Our artists take client concepts from sketches, to models, to full-color drawings.

The PLAYTIME standard of excellence is evident in every detail of our design, and creation process. Detailed playground renderings keep everyone on the same page. Environmental elements are taken into consideration, including existing décor, columns, ADA compliance, fire codes, and ASTM safety regulations.


PLAYTIME artists bring their understanding and appreciation of each brand and business to infuse real emotion into any environment, shaping the experience and triggering the imagination. Your creative involvement is completely up to you — we can translate your theming ideas into a reality or WOW you with something fresh and new.

Playtime designer drawing at work  


Greetings from Mission Control! This is our center for project management and customer service. Once the play area agreement has been inked, a dedicated project manager directs all aspects going forward — maintaining ongoing communication with our customers, coordinating design, overseeing production and installation logistics.



Once designs are complete, reviewed and approved, it’s on to production in Area 51 ½ at our PLAYTIME Studios.


Area 51 1/2 is the manufacturing facility in the 100,000-square-foot PLAYTIME Studios.

How do we do it all? PLAYTIME employs unique skill sets to ensure creative production is available at a moment’s notice. PLAYTIME boasts nearly 100,000 square feet of studio, manufacturing and warehouse space dedicated to bringing children’s play areas to the commercial marketplace. With advanced technology and sophisticated manufacturing processes, PLAYTIME is equipped to meet high-volume manufacturing needs.



Once all your PLAYTIME play elements are ready, they are loaded into a truck (or ship!) to be delivered to your location.

Upon arrival, our highly trained, professional installers will meet the truck and you, and take care of setting up your area. All PLAYTIME soft play elements are then installed in accordance with design layouts provided by the PLAYTIME design team.