If you have been to a McDonald’s or a Burger King that offers a play area, you have probably seen PLAYTIME products ranging from climbers, slides, crawlers, interactive elements, and contained play areas. There are no limitations on how your restaurant could incorporate activity and imagination into your space.

Recent studies have discovered that restaurants are not just places where families go to eat, but they are also places families go to have a positive, fun experience. If families are going to pay for dinner and service out rather than stay at home, restaurants need to consider what a family wants from a night out. PLAYTIME offers the perfect solution for restaurants that want to create a fun and relaxing environment for the entire family.

Explore some of PLAYTIME’s products to give you some ideas on how we could work for you and your restaurant location(s). We can also custom make any design based on your brand. The sky’s the limit with what PLAYTIME can help you create to keep families happy and to keep them returning again and again.