The retail world has changed. For retailers to be successful, they must generate a positive Return on Experience for their customers. When a family is out shopping, there is nothing more convenient than a themed environment at that moment when parents need a break and kids need to blow off some energy. Also, even if a family is not planning on shopping, rainy/snowy days draw families into play environments and activity centers to get out of the house for a while. Whether customers are in your space directly or indirectly, it is the experience that invites people to come in and stay.

Let PLAYTIME leverage the power of play and innovative design structures to shape customer journey paths and create new value for your shoppers. PLAYTIME will assist your brand in transforming its locations into a themed entertainment market place and create a more emotional and experiential shopping experience. Together we will disrupt the market by uniquely positioning your brand as a destination, appealing to your customers’ inner child, where families are entertained during an otherwise routine activity.

PLAYTIME has a considerable portfolio of retail environments and architectural accents that are beneficial to children and adults alike. Check out some of our installations here: