Healthcare, Hospital and Waiting Room Play Equipment

PLAYTIME helps to create a welcoming environment and provides entertainment solutions for children at your healthcare clinic, dentist office or large hospital facility. We work with your family client base in mind to create enjoyable alternatives for kids to experience play and exercise in a comfortable environment. We achieve this through a turn-key process from collaborative custom design to the full buildout of unique and innovative spaces that are completely appropriate for your location.

Our options are ideal for:

      • Hospital Facilities
      • Healthcare Clinics
      • Dentist Offices
      • Doctor Offices
      • Pediatric Offices
      • Urgent Care Clinics

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Advantages of PLAYTIME for Healthcare Environments

In medical waiting rooms or kid areas, durability and cleanliness are essential and the right equipment ensures peace of mind for both parents and healthcare employees while providing a creative and peaceful environment for kids. At PLAYTIME, we’ve designed custom indoor waiting room play and playground areas for hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States.

Our play equipment is ideal for this environment and offers several unique advantages:

  • Easy to Clean: Our playground equipment use ASTM materials which are certified antibacterial and fungal resistant, to help ensure healthy play experiences for all. This smooth and nonporous coating contains an antimicrobial additive to prevent bacteria or mold growth and are easy to clean.
  • Designed for Safety: Play experiences are durable, soft and rounded to help reduce injuries.
  • Customize to any size: Our equipment is ideal for both smaller spaces that may not be able to fit larger playgrounds or other play equipment easily; as well as large scale play areas.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Our play structures are beautifully designed and constructed by our expert design team to add an artistic and architecturally friendly element to your space.
  • Branded and Themed Options: Our custom play equipment can be designed to your colors, theme or brand for additional visual appeal and increased brand recognition.

Our Products

At PLAYTIME, we offer educational, durable and easy to clean options for all our playground equipment. Plus, you can customize our play sculptures to fit your specific dimensions or compliment any theme. At PLAYTIME, we have a variety of indoor play pieces and accessories to choose from, including:

  • Pick & Play Soft Sculpted Foam PlayThis ready-made line of soft-sculpted foam play elements is designed for smaller spaces and ideal for a more limited budget, or when you are on a faster timeframe. Our expert designers and sculptors handcraft our foam play elements using our Playsoft™ process that coats foam-sculpted play structures with durable, foam-like material.
  • Playsoft™ custom and themed indoor play areasOur custom-designed indoor play areas include a variety of climbers, interactive elements and surrounding features to bolster creativity and curiosity in children. Our engineers and artists handcraft all indoor play sculptures using a PlaySoft™ process that covers our foam pieces with a durable, rubber-like substance – and we can custom design for your theme or brand.
  • Contained Play Towers: With PLAYTIME’s play towers, you can design your tower to reach any height so that it suits your target age groups and space requirements. Towers make a fun addition to any play space with nets, bridges, slides and other exciting features.
  • Carpeting and flooringPLAYTIME’s DuraSoft™ Safety Surfacing and Poured-In-Place Flooring are designed for durability and safety. Our flooring options include features such as solid colors, thematic graphics and branded images — all are customizable to any theme or budget.
  • EntrancesCreate an inviting entrance to your play space with PLAYTIME’s various entryway designs. Our entries come with hand sanitizers and your choice of rules signage and custom sculpted characters.

PLAYTIME indoor play areas come with a wide variety of features and additional options, including interactive play panels and play elements, overhead elements, built-in shoe cubbies, integrated parent surround seating, wall graphics, licensed brand characters and themed playground components.

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PLAYTIME helps you establish an active play experience for families by producing memorable activities that encourage healthy play for your visitors and patients. We use creative, customizable solutions to fit any budget or theme. Contact us for a free estimate or design consultation or subscribe to our newsletter.

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