Interactive Experience

There is always a place for running, jumping, climbing, crawling, sliding, and cooperating in any play area. Implementing interactive elements is a good idea as well, especially when kids are learning as they have fun. PLAYTIME interactive game consoles expand the age range from toddlers to tween-agers and include wall-mounted play panels, PLAY ME video game consoles, and PXLPLAYTM digital play walls. Special FX can be added to any play element to create fun with flash, chime, clang and bang, and cause-and-effect activities.

Combining Hop-Jump-Run with Bleep-Boop-Beep, offers something for every kid. Check out our selection of Interactive Elements and see how you can make your play area fun and educational, as well as high-tech:

  • Puzzle Dots
  • Giant Musical Keyboard
  • PLAY ME Video Game Consoles
  • PXLPLAYTM Digital Play Panels
  • McDonald’s Morphs Play Systems