Interactive Experience

There is always a place for running, jumping, climbing, crawling, sliding, and cooperating in any play area. Implementing interactive elements is a good idea as well, especially when kids are learning as they have fun. PLAYTIME interactive game consoles expand the age range from toddlers to tween-agers and include wall-mounted play panels, PLAY ME video game consoles, and PXLPLAY™ digital play walls. Special FX can be added to any play element to create fun with flash, chime, clang and bang, and cause-and-effect activities.

Combining Hop-Jump-Run with Bleep-Boop-Beep, offers something for every kid. Check out our selection of Interactive Elements and see how you can make your play area fun and educational, as well as high-tech:

  • Puzzle Dots
  • Giant Musical Keyboard
  • PLAY ME Video Game Consoles
  • PXLPLAY™ Digital Play Panels
  • McDonald’s Morphs Play Systems