Destination Attractions

Theme parks, swimming pools, hotels, and other vacation travel locations greatly benefit from thematic or branded PLAYTIME products and other architectural accents. Offering aesthetically pleasing surroundings and play time fun helps everyone in the family feel like they have a place to escape.

PLAYTIME designs versatile play equipment to meet any venue size, whether it is indoor, outdoor, or in the water. From charming aquatic creatures to fairy tale book characters, PLAYTIME can provide a custom designed theme uniquely suited to your location and industry.

With PLAYTIME’s new line, PlaySculptTM, we can also create architectural thematic details that match the aesthetics of your property.

Benefits of Adding Branding Structures to Destination Attractions

Custom-themed display props and foam sculptures go a long way in attracting families to your facility. In addition to building brand loyalty and increasing foot traffic to your location, there are many benefits of adding themed and branded play equipment to your destination attraction. These include:

  • Provide signage and architectural accents: Signs and banners can attract attention to your company’s trademark or logo in high-traffic areas. Also, thematic features, such as eye-catching architectural accents, can complement your space.
  • Offer customized flooring and entrance designs: There’s no better way to build your brand image than to showcase your logo in places where people can’t help but notice! Our designers can customize your entrance or flooring designs to draw visitors to your location. 
  • Provide playground solutions for both outdoor and indoor areas: At PLAYTIME, we provide a range of custom-themed play solutions, from GFRP hard-coated outdoor play elements and floatables to indoor towers and other Playsoft™ indoor play areas. 

PLAYTIME’s Custom-Themed Display Props to Market Destination Attractions 

Malls, churches, shopping centers and other destination attractions around the world have trusted PLAYTIME to handcraft themed playground sculptures and display prop attractions for their travel locations. Our team of trained designers and artists has created architectural accents and custom-designed foam sculptures tailored to a wide range of industries and locations. Some of our showcase designs include:

Browse PLAYTIME’s Custom Foam Sculptures for Leading Brands 

Explore the following up-to-date play area design themes and architectural styles created by PLAYTIME for leading brands around the globe. All of our products and designs create memorable experiences for families. Not only will they continue to return, but they will also share their positive experiences with others.

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