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Educational Indoor Playground Equipment

Commercial indoor playground equipment can add educational value and aesthetic appeal to a variety of community public spaces ranging from preschool programs and elementary schools to community centers and daycares. While sports center spaces included in most educational settings — including courts and fields — can be exclusive to some children, playgrounds offer something for every child, regardless of age or ability. Playgrounds drive community interaction and bring people together who may not have crossed paths elsewhere.

PLAYTIME indoor playground equipment can drive more foot traffic to educational play areas by providing creative play solutions to stimulate children and families alike.

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Benefits of Educational Play Elements

As one of the leading playground manufacturers in the industry, PLAYTIME’s primary goal is to help businesses attract and retain more customers. Our ready-made Pick & Play™ line of soft-sculpted play elements are designed especially for smaller spaces and limited budgets. Whether you’re searching for one or two soft-sculpted play sculptures to add to an indoor play area or need an entire playground customized to your space, PLAYTIME is here to help!

Pick & Play™ soft-sculpted foam play elements make the perfect commercial indoor playground equipment for any school or daycare because they encourage social interaction and sensory stimulation for children of all ages. All commercial Pick & Play™ items are ready to ship and are perfect for smaller spaces. PLAYTIME’S educational indoor play equipment pieces are easy-to-clean, durable and safe. Choose from a variety of soft-sculpted play themes, including aquatic, garden, jungle, woodland and monster to transform any commercial space into an educational adventure.

All Pick & Play™ soft-sculpted educational indoor playground equipment is made out of materials that are certified antibacterial and fungal resistant to ensure optimal cleanliness. Simply wipe away any germs with the use of traditional cleaning products and all indoor play equipment pieces will retain their shiny, heavy-duty exterior for years to come.

Finally, what better way to encourage children to develop gross motor skills, social awareness, and test spatial relationships than in a controlled environment? Take education to the next level with Pick & Play™ soft-sculpted indoor playground equipment.

PLAYTIME’s soft-sculpted commercial play equipment and customizable PlaySoft™ indoor play equipment pieces like climbers, crawl tunnels and ramps encourage more foot traffic to the following educational places:

  • Elementary schools
  • Early childhood centers
  • Daycares
  • Community centers

Choose PLAYTIME for All Your Educational Commercial Indoor Playground Solutions

PLAYTIME understands that achieving shared goals in educational settings requires teamwork. Our team of engineers and designers work with each customer from the initial design conceptualization to installation. Informing us of your school’s budget range and available space will allow us to help you bring your play vision to life through excellent partnership. Contact us to request commercial indoor play equipment to build your brand.

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