Parks and Recreation Play Sculptures

Engaging, creative playground sculptures and play areas are one of the most effective ways to draw families to your park and recreation area. Kids are naturally drawn to be active — playing, jumping, sliding, climbing and letting their imaginations run wild. PLAYTIME creates custom commercial play areas for parks to help offer a dynamic range of structures that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Indoor or outdoor play structures, slides, climbers and Pick & Play™ equipment are some of our most popular types of parks and rec playground equipment.

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Benefits of Commercial Playground Equipment for Parks & Rec Centers

Adding quality, interactive playground equipment to your park or rec center provides many benefits. Our PLAYTIME outdoor structures are designed for durability, with UV-resistant and durable materials that can resist wear and tear. We use materials that can handle hot and cold weather as well as water.

As you add PLAYTIME structures to your park or rec center, you can:

  • Encourage active play: Our interactive play equipment gives kids plenty of opportunities to get active outdoors. Whichever play structures you choose, you’ll boost your park’s value by providing a family-focused, fun place for children to connect and have fun.
  • Attract people to your community: Parks and rec areas with quality play equipment become go-to community centers for families. You can become the social hub of your local town, suburb or city by offering valuable outdoor recreation and family fun.
  • Enhance your brand: Our team of expert designers collaborates with clients to provide a customized finished product. You can boost your image and increase the community’s awareness of your location through custom branding.

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PLAYTIME Equipment for Your Park

PLAYTIME offers an abundance of outdoor equipment pieces designed with parks and rec centers in mind. Whether your business is located inside or outside, play year-round with a selection of:

Outdoor Play Structures

Our hard-coated outdoor play structures have been an industry favorite for decades. These structures are highly durable yet lightweight, with a rubber coating that helps them resist the wear and tear of active kids. You can customize pieces to fit your park’s theme as these structures can mold into any shape, form or texture.

We can also design outdoor play structures with a soft coating for pliable, resilient play.

Pick & Play™ Equipment

Our Pick & Play™ equipment offers a more affordable option for parks and rec centers. These soft-sculptured foam play pieces come ready-made for fast shipping and easy installation. They’re the perfect addition for parks with limited spaces, or those on a tight budget. Our foam pieces can come in many different forms or figures, each one highly tactile to encourage kids to interact and engage. Children can use the Pick & Play™ equipment to play interactively or solo. Simply pick your choices and let the kids start playing!

Contact PLAYTIME Today to Learn More About Our Play Structures

PLAYTIME’s outdoor and Pick & Play™ structures are popular ways for parks and rec centers to enhance their play spaces. You can bring families together for interactive fun both indoors and outdoors, increasing your curb appeal and positioning yourself as a community center point. Browse our playground equipment options today, and contact us with any questions.

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