Commercial Playground Equipment for Restaurants

These days, many families don’t view restaurants as only a place to eat. They view restaurants as a place where they can go to have a positive and fun experience. If you are looking to add something to your restaurant to give it an extra element of family-friendliness, a PLAYTIME commercial restaurant indoor playground can do just that. Just a few of the benefits this restaurant playground equipment provides include:

  • Drawing families to your restaurant: Families are often looking for an experience and not just for a meal, according to recent research. By offering a place for kids to have fun, you’re creating a wonderful atmosphere that can entice families to return again and again.
  • Making diners smile: Imagine having a play area where kids can laugh, play and move around. This not only promotes healthy activity, but it shows you really care about your community and your diners.
  • Easy to clean: We use a nonporous coating to help your play equipment resist germs. Our products also use antibacterial agents, are fungal resistant, and are made with ASTM G21, E2180 compliant materials.
  • Durable: Our products are designed to last, with durable materials and quality construction.
  • Bespoke services: Our professional team has worked with many restaurants, and we understand your play area is an extension of your brand. We help with project management, design, installation and every step to ensure you get a space you’re thrilled with.

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QSR Play Area Options

If you have a QSR (quick-service restaurant), QSR playground equipment is important to engage kids. PLAYTIME has different options to benefits your specific needs. Our fully customizable Playsoft™ indoor play areas, for example, include climbers, crawlers, interactive components and more. These enriching play spaces help kids develop social and motor skills and work on their development in a fun, colorful play area.

Our budget-conscious Pick & Play™ restaurant playground equipment lets you set up a play space fast. The elements you need are ready to ship, but you still get to pick from many themes. You can even make your play area work in limited space.

Signage and branding is available from PLAYTIME as well, letting you create posters, banners and permanent signs for the play area as well as the perfect color matches for your franchise or branding efforts.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to feed kids’ appetites for play while your food nourishes families, contact PLAYTIME to get started.