Mall Playground Equipment

The retail world has changed, and it’s no longer just about what you can buy. Now, it’s the experience — both emotional and tangible — that encourages families to return to a shopping mall. What better way to make your retail center stand out than by incorporating commercial indoor playground equipment? 

Indoor Playground Equipment Solutions for Shopping Malls

When a family is out shopping, there’s nothing more convenient than a themed play environment to give parents a break and offer kids the chance to run off some excess energy. Advantages of installing commercial indoor playground equipment for shopping malls include: 

    1. Bring customers to you: Including commercial indoor playground equipment in your mall area is an excellent way to increase foot traffic and encourage browsing and shopping. Kids are known to have short attention spans and can even refuse to shop when boredom sets in. However, with PLAYTIME’s retail playground equipment, you may just get kids begging to visit!
    2. Provide opportunities for more branding: PLAYTIME offers a variety of commercial indoor playground equipment for shopping malls, including customizable play solutions that work perfectly with your brand. 
    3. Encourage more shopping: When children can interact with peers and engage in stimulating play experiences, parents can browse for longer periods knowing their children are safe and occupied. PLAYTIME’s commercial indoor playground equipment for shopping malls will encourage both children and parents alike to return because, now, both parties will have their needs met when out shopping. 
    4. Memorable experiences: Themed playground equipment can create a long-lasting impression on visitors. Whether you style your play area for the sky or sea, it will help increase your brand awareness and create a positive impression for families.
    5. Competition with online shopping: Virtual shopping has a serious edge over brick and mortar stores, and this disparity is only increasing. How can you compete with the convenience of shopping online from home? An interactive play space is one unique way to do this. When you offer fun features that online shopping cannot, you’ve given yourself an unbeatable advantage.

Indoor Mall Equipment From PLAYTIME 

To stay competitive in today’s retail economy, businesses must supply innovative experiences families cannot find at home. PLAYTIME understands your business’ needs and makes it a priority to design customized indoor playground equipment for retail centers that drive families to your indoor shopping mall. PLAYTIME’s durable and thrilling retail playground equipment has proven to increase foot traffic to entire shopping centers. PLAYTIME products that will add aesthetic appeal and value to your shopping mall include:

  • Flooring and Carpeting: Indoor rubber playground flooring from PLAYTIME can be customized to your mall area’s theme and can include branded images to promote your brand. 
  • Signage: An indoor mall playground can mean more time spent in front of your marketing advertisements, banners or displays. Sponsored signs from PLAYTIME can reach your targeted demographic and increase brand recall when placed in visible areas. 
  • Entrances: At PLAYTIME, our team of expert designers and retail playground equipment manufacturers can tailor any entrance to fit your business’ needs. Entrances invite children and families alike to your indoor mall play area while reinforcing play rules and safety features. 
  • Pre-designed elements: Theme your indoor mall play area with any number of PLAYTIME’s pre-designed elements. The Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) is durable, easy to clean and offers your business a notable return on investment. 
  • Playsoft™ Customizable Shopping Mall Indoor Playground Equipment: Choose from a wide range of fully customizable themes from our PlaySoft™ line to complement any space. Our Playsoft™ indoor playground equipment for retail centers is certified antibacterial and fungal resistant, so cleaning is made easy, and all play pieces can retain their shiny, durable exteriors over time.

Pick & Play™ Soft-Sculpted Foam Playground Equipment for Malls

If you’re a shopping mall looking for a faster turnaround or a low budget option, our Pick & Play™ line of ready-made indoor foam play sculptures may be a perfect fit. Pick & Play™ soft-sculpted foam retail playground equipment is inspected by a certified playground safety inspector before the initial installation. For this reason, parents can rest assured their children are occupied and active in an area that’s safe and stimulating. 

Kids can develop their interpersonal skills, imaginative faculties and test spatial awareness on all of Pick & Play™ soft-sculpted foam sculptures. Whether they test out a low profile crawl tunnel, ramp or themed climber, kids are sure to have fun and learn in an environment that’s safe, thrilling and interactive. 

 Also, all soft-sculpted foam retail play equipment is sculpted in a way that promotes sensory soft play. Soft play can boost spatial awareness and balance in children through stimulation of all the senses — features that take playtime to a whole new educational level! 

Why Choose PLAYTIME Retail Equipment?

As one of the leading playground manufacturers in the industry, PLAYTIME started out with a desire to help retail companies flourish. We noticed that there was a growing demand for playgrounds that allowed parents to rest while encouraging kids to work off some steam. Our expert engineers and designers handcraft all our play sculptures to promote imaginative play.

Let us leverage the power of play to create new value for your shoppers. PLAYTIME will assist your brand in transforming its locations into themed entertainment marketplaces and creating a more sensational and experiential shopping experience. By positioning your brand as a destination and appealing to your customers’ inner child, we’ll help you draw and retain clients.

When you choose PLAYTIME for your store or shopping center, you can enjoy:

  • Increased foot traffic: What kid can resist walking by a playground without checking it out? With a playground, you may have more curious shoppers stopping in.
  • Easy-to-clean pieces: Made with ASTM G21, E2180 materials, our equipment is coated with a nonporous finish which resists germs and makes it easy to clean.
  • Durable construction: Made by teams of experts, our play equipment is designed to last, even with vigorous play.

Contact PLAYTIME for All Your Mall Play Area Needs

Bring your indoor mall playground ideas to life with PLAYTIME’s indoor playground equipment for retail centers. We have a considerable portfolio of playground retail environments that have benefited families and increased foot traffic for businesses. Contact us to request custom indoor retail playground equipment, check out some of our installations, or sign up for our newsletter to learn about exclusive projects.