GFRP Outdoor Play Elements (Hard-Coated)

GFRP hard-coated outdoor play pieces are extremely durable, UV-stable and fade resistant materials that are the choice of landscape designers for architectural accents. Compared to most concrete sculptures, GFRP architectural accents are light in weight and easy to install. Benefits of GFRP include:

1. High Strength

GFRP has a very high strength to weight ratio, similar tensile strength to steel

2. Lightweight

Low weights of 2 to 4 lbs. Per square foot means faster installation and lower shipping costs

3. Extremely Durable

UV-stable and fade resistant materials withstand daily wear and tear

4. Low Maintenance

Research shows no loss in laminate properties in GFRP after 30 years

5. Able to Mold Complex Shapes

Virtually any shape or form can be molded

6. Safe

Meets all requirements for ASTMF-1487 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications

7. Resistant to Vandalism

GFRP is fire resistant, can withstand the impact of a baseball bat, and graffiti easily washes off

8. Withstands Extreme Weather and Chemicals

Resists salt water, chemicals, and the environment – unaffected by acid rain, salts, and most chemicals