On Demand Elements

PLAYTIME designers and artists love to make original creations, but we also know our On Demand play elements are a big hit for many. Because of their popularity, PLAYTIME On Demand classics are pre-designed, in-stock, easy to install, and they can be configured to fit any space, budget, or location.

On Demand elements are available for indoor, outdoor, and water play use. PLAYTIME’s indoor and outdoor elements include climbers, crawlers, sliders, and tunnels. Our water play elements include climbers, floaters, mini-squirts, and slides. Our On Demand play elements also have certified antibacterial coatings that limit the spread of germs and are easy to clean.

Regardless of whether you decide to go custom or classic, remember that active play experiences are part of a healthy, imaginative, and active lifestyle that parents want for their children and PLAYTIME has what any market needs to promote business and make your customers happy.

Each order comes complete with installation instructions, hardware, recommended tools, and supplies, so you can self-install with confidence. You can have PLAYTIME install your On Demand play elements as well.