Playtime Economics

With over 2,000 play areas installed in over 15 commercial marketplaces, PLAYTIME knows a lot about the economics of play. The core economic value of a PLAYTIME play area is its ability to drive family traffic to your business.

Some companies hire us to SHOWCASE their destination. Some companies purchase PLAYTIME products to create their own look. And all companies work with PLAYTIME because they value their customers and guests and it makes good economic sense for their business.

Whether you are ready to purchase or don’t even know where to start, contact us to connect with a Playmaker who can answer all your questions.


PLAYTIME has been proven to boost memberships, increase enrollment, and entertain guests, regardless of the venue. PLAYTIME works in shopping centers, restaurants, airports, amusement parks, churches & religious centers, cruise ships, family entertainment centers, pediatric dentists, children’s hospitals, stadiums and water parks — to name just a few.

PLAYTIME clients measure the financial value and ROI of PLAYTIME in terms of increased traffic, attendance and repeat business, or increased membership and ticket sales.

The customer experience adds even more value to PLAYTIME clients and brands. When you offer unique and exciting amenities, shopping or dining out becomes a fun experience for the entire family. Whether retail centers, restaurant or outdoor lifestyle centers, our themed play creations provide a unique destination for families to shop, play, eat and meet — over and over.

Every type of business can benefit from the increase in visitors and word-of-mouth marketing that our PLAYTIME play areas provide. Our clients not only boost their bottom lines when they install our play areas, but they also provide an important service to their communities – a safe, exciting play area. Through positive, service-oriented relationships with our clients, we participate in the improvement of their company and in the betterment of their community.