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Whether it’s a family entertainment center, museum, restaurant or fitness club, inviting, aesthetically pleasing custom themed sculptures can make a considerable difference in attracting families to your facility. Custom branding sculptures can increase traffic flow to your business, increase memberships and build brand loyalty. For more than 20 years, PLAYTIME has been the branding and theming play equipment manufacturer of choice for international as well as domestic businesses.

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How Custom-Themed Sculptures Will Help Brand Your Public Space

To create unique and stimulating experiences amid today’s electronics-dominated world, you need custom theming sculptures to capture children’s imaginations and build a brand that matters. Also, quality playable space is a public space that can please different groups of users of various age ranges and abilities.

PLAYTIME specializes in manufacturing custom-themed sculptures that help brand public spaces. For example, our Hersey Kiss play sculptures at Hershey Park, custom mascot structures at open stadiums and custom-themed play baseball bats at Red Robin were all built to drive more traffic to local businesses. Our custom-themed equipment can help brand your public space by:

Choose PLAYTIME as Your Branding and Theming Equipment Manufacturer

PLAYTIME has a considerable portfolio of custom-themed play sculptures that have increased foot traffic for businesses around the globe. Contact us to request custom-themed sculptures to build your brand or sign up for our newsletter for updates on our latest products.

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