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Commercial Indoor Play Area Flooring & Carpeting

Through play, young children learn to engage and interact with the world around them. Play is essential to healthy brain development in young learners. Parents and business owners alike want to provide children with opportunities to learn and grow through safe, stimulating play.

Benefits of Custom Poured-in-Place Rubber Playground Flooring

Indoor rubber playground flooring offers durability and easy maintenance. PLAYTIME’s DuraSoft™ safety surfacing and poured-in-place flooring provide families and business owners peace of mind.

Benefits of DuraSoft™ safety surfacing indoor flooring include:

  • Safer to land on: DuraSoft™ kid-friendly surfaces help to provide safe commercial indoor play environments. All of our commercial indoor play flooring meets ASTM F1951 ADA accessibility requirements and is 5″ rated at 5′ fall height under ASTM F1292. Rubber is the top choice for indoor play area flooring because it’s durable and has high fall height ratings.
  • Fosters imagination: When children are allowed a safe place to run, climb, tumble and crawl, they feel confident to engage in active play. Dramatic play is essential for building children’s social skills to thrive as adults.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Our rubber playground flooring contains an antimicrobial additive to protect against mold growth.
  • Available in a variety of colors and custom designs: PLAYTIME offers flooring that is customizable to any theme and design.
  • Can include branded images: We can negotiate for your desired licensed brand.

Why Choose PLAYTIME for Indoor Playground Flooring?

PLAYTIME’s poured-in-place rubber playground flooring is ustomizable for your space dimensions and budget needs. Features of our poured-in-place rubber flooring include:

  • 2″ rated at 5′ fall heights under ASTM F1292
  • Meets ATSM F1951 ADA accessibility requirements
  • P.D.M color cap .5″ to create custom designs
  • Shredded rubber 1.5″

Custom Commercial Indoor Play Flooring Options at PLAYTIME

Whether you want vibrant colors, branded images or custom themes on your commercial indoor play flooring, PLAYTIME is the playground equipment manufacturer for you. Contact us today to discuss your commercial indoor play flooring needs.