Commercial Water Park Floatables

PLAYTIME is a global leader and turnkey production resource for innovative water play experiences. Our visionary play sculptures and custom-design options make us the go-to water play equipment supplier in the industry. Turn your water play concepts into a reality with floatables and other commercial water park equipment designed to meet your specifications.

Features of PLAYTIME’s Commercial Water Park Floatables

PLAYTIME is one of the leading manufacturers of aquatic playground equipment, including floatables and a host of other adventurous equipment pieces. All of our water play elements have scratch-resistant, chlorine- and UV-stable, HydroTuff™ coatings. These are specifically designed for environments that need resistance to high acid-alkali conditions.


Features of PLAYTIME’s floatables include:

  • 36″ (minimum) water needed.
  • One or two anchor points fixed in the concrete floor required.
  • Recommended supplies, hardware and installation instructions included.
  • Available in 12 themes and can be customized to any aquatic space.

PLAYTIME offers a variety of other commercial water park equipment pieces, including water walk systems, splash pads, climbers and kiddie water slides.

Benefits of a Water Play Area

A commercial water park complete with floatables gives families a way to cool off while keeping your business front and center. Water play is essential to child development and helps boost:

  • Problem-solving skills: Water play encourages children to use their imagination as well as creative thinking skills, both of which play an essential role in problem-solving.
  • Motor skills: Children of all ages and abilities can develop fine and gross motor skills through actions like squirting, pouring, stirring and squeezing.
  • Social-emotional growth: Engaging with floatables and other water park equipment pieces encourages children to role-play and develop social skills like sharing and cooperation.
  • Language development: When children have discussions about water play pieces or remark about what they see and touch, they will undoubtedly develop their language skills.
  • Science and mathematics learning: With floatables, children can observe motion and measure and compare volumes.

Choose PLAYTIME as Your Water Park Floatables Manufacturer

Bring your aquatic playground to life with PLAYTIME’s unique, customizable water park equipment. We can help you visualize your new water park design and provide a cost analysis for budget planning. PLAYTIME provides a written proposal that includes design scope and cost estimates. All estimates are valid for 30 days.

Want to add floatables to your water park or play area? Contact us today, and we’ll make your vision come to life.