Turn an ordinary wall into a fun, competitive environment than enhances speed and agility. The PLAYTIME Reactions Wall offers heads up technology that engages the user in a test of both physical and mental agility. PLAYTIME can customize the size, graphics and panel colors to adapt to any theme or space.

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PLAYTIME Reactions features two energetic game options that are enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages:

1. Reactions Game – Race against the clock as you run and jump to reach random lights before the buzzer sounds. Try to achieve the high by touching as many sensors as possible as they light up during the allotment of time provided.

2. Memory Game – Listen, watch, memorize and replay the sequence to get the high score. As the game progresses, more and more sensors light up until you hit a sensor out of sequence.

The Reactions panels feature bright LED lights that are easy to see in any indoor or outdoor setting. Audio queues enhance the experience and help the participant react from both a visual and auditory perspective. All aspects of the Reactions Wall are customizable including theme, size, colors, and graphics.

Reactions provides a fun and challenging element of play that will be enjoyed by people of all ages when visiting your entertainment experience.


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