GFRP Hard-Coated Outdoor Sculptures

For over two decades, PLAYTIME has handcrafted innovative and distinctive play areas, setting the standard for a unique family experience for your customers. Our commercial outdoor playground sculptures are designed to encourage active learning and opportunities for growth.

Durable glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) hard-coated outdoor equipment sets us apart in the industry. GFRP playground sculptures feature a unique rubber coating that can withstand wear and tear and is easy to clean and maintain.

Why Choose Outdoor Playground Sculptures From PLAYTIME?

GFRP outdoor play components are incredibly durable, UV-stable and fade-resistant. PLAYTIME’s ready-to-ship hard-coated outdoor play sculptures are easy to install and lightweight. When you order from us, your outdoor play sculptures will be delivered quickly.

Advantages of GFRP include:

  1. High strength: GFRP mimics steel in its high strength-to-weight ratio. GFRP construction can withstand more than two tons of pressure per square inch.
  2. Lightweight: Low weights of two to four pounds per square foot means faster installation and lower shipping costs. Our ready-to-ship outdoor playground sculptures reach your play area in no time.
  3. Durable: GFRP materials are UV-stable, fade-resistant and withstand all types of wear and tear for years to come. GFRP is unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles and may be used while completely submerged in water.
  4. Low maintenance: Specialized GFRP hard coating is easy to clean. Research shows that laminate properties in GFRP remain entirely intact even after 30 years, showing its strength and stiffness.
  5. Able to mold into complex shapes: GFRP hard-coated outdoor sculptures can be molded into virtually any shape or form. GFRP textures are incredibly versatile and can mimic a variety of textures — travertine, fossil stone, wood grain, coral stone and more.
  6. High-Quality: PLAYTIME’s hard-coated outdoor play sculptures are ADA and ATSM compliant. Our modular outdoor play areas are softer and more reliable than other options on the market.
  7. Resistant to vandalism: GFRP is fire-resistant and can withstand the impact of a baseball bat. Graffiti washes off easily from our hard-coated outdoor play sculptures.
  8. Withstands extreme weather and chemicals: PLAYTIME’s commercial outdoor play sculptures are designed to be resistant to rain, saltwater, most chemicals – and in most cases – extreme weather conditions such as fires and hurricanes.

GFRE Soft-Coated Outdoor Sculptures

PLAYTIME also offers GFRE soft-coated outdoor play elements that are softer and more durable than standard playground equipment. GFRE materials are UV-stable and fade-resistant, and can be custom-designed to enhance any outdoor environment. Along with rounded, soft and durable GFRE playground equipment, PLAYTIME designers create clear space safety zones, safety flooring and padded seating to fit any public or private commercial space.

Where to Install Commercial Outdoor Playground Sculptures

We build GFRP hard-coated outdoor sculptures for a variety of industries, including schools, county parks, childcare, recreation and healthcare centers, water play areas, destination attractions, city playgrounds and much more. GFRP hard-coated outdoor sculptures continue to be the playground elements of choice for outdoor settings due to their resistance to wear and tear.

Contact PLAYTIME Today for Hard-Coated Outdoor Play Sculptures

If you’re looking for durable and customizable outdoor play components for your business, PLAYTIME is the commercial outdoor playground manufacturer for you. Contact us today with any questions about our GFRP hard-coated outdoor sculptures.