Pick & Play™ Soft-Sculpted Foam Play

Pick & Play™ is PLAYTIME’s ready-made line of soft-sculpted foam play elements specifically designed for smaller spaces and more limited budgets. If you are a business owner working within tight space dimensions and looking for affordable playground sculptures, we designed this option to meet your needs.

Soft-sculpted foam play elements ensure safe, stimulating learning experiences for children and are ASTM certified and naturally antibacterial. Children can interact and touch our foam play sculptures to enhance learning through sensory stimulation and social interaction. Our expert designers and sculptors handcraft our foam play elements using our Playsoft™ process that coats foam-sculpted play structures with durable, foam-like material.

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Why Add Pick & Play™ Soft-Sculpted Foam Play to Your Play Area?

Soft-sculpted foam play elements draw attention to your business and improve play value to keep kids and families coming back. Pick & Play™ is PLAYTIME’s latest ready-to-ship line of equipment.

Advantages of Pick & Play™ include:

  • Shorter lead time: Elements are stocked and ready to ship.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a variety of themes.
  • Easy to clean: Our foam play elements use a smooth and nonporous coating contains an antimicrobial additive to prevent bacteria or mold growth, and are easy to wipe down with cleaning products.
  • Designed for Safety: Play experiences are durable, soft and rounded to help reduce injuries.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Our play structures are beautifully designed and constructed by our expert design team to add an artistic and architecturally friendly element to your space.
  • Fits Smaller Spaces: Pick & Play™ is ideal for smaller spaces that may not be able to fit larger playgrounds or other play equipment easily.
  • More Affordable: Our play equipment is great for business with more limited budgets.

PLAYTIME’s Pick & Play™ systems provide a great place for children to exercise while they learn and have fun. 

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Where to Include Soft-Sculpted Play Elements

Attract more guests by including Pick & Play™ soft-sculpted foam play structures in the following areas:


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