Playsoft™ Indoor Play Areas – Fully Customizable

As one of the leading soft play equipment manufacturers, PLAYTIME offers a wide array of customizable foam sculptures to complement any theme or space – and drive additional foot traffic to your location.

Our versatile, durable and safe indoor play areas include crawlers, climbers, interactive elements and surround features to help boost children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

PLAYTIME handcrafts all of its play elements using its proprietary PlaySoft™ process that coats our foam-sculpted products with an extremely durable, rubber-like substance. Our smooth finish materials are ASTM certified naturally antibacterial, which ensures a safe and healthy play experience that is good for kids and good for your business.

Benefits of Custom Soft Playground Sculptures + Areas

Soft playground equipment is becoming the go-to choice for playground manufacturers and architects. Foam playground equipment fosters sensory soft play — play that stimulates the senses. For children, soft play is crucial for boosting balance and body awareness. Plus, kids develop the creative thinking skills they’ll need to thrive as adults through meaningful and creative unstructured play.

Our fully custom areas create a world of play that tie in everything from the play sculptures to the walls and carpets, to create a one of a kind experience and theme for your business location.

Other benefits of Playsoft™ sensory play and soft play equipment include:

  • Boosts creativity in a fun environment: When kids have the chance to role-play and tell stories through play, they develop higher-level thinking skills and imaginative faculties.
  • Fosters social skills: Movement encourages kids to practice speech and language skills through active play. When kids are given a chance to act out scenes and express themselves, they also increase their ability to see other perspectives.
  • Offers a sense of security: When children play and explore in a safe, sensory space, they are encouraged to feel more secure within themselves. Security boosts confidence, which helps kids transfer what they learn through play to the real world.
  • Improves motor skills: Kids can step, jump, crawl and roll on foam playground equipment designed to absorb impact. Having the right space to develop motor skills is crucial in child development. Kids fine-tune their motor skills and build muscle through active play.
  • Safety: A certified safety inspector approves all of PLAYTIME’s Playsoft™soft-sculpted foam play elements before they are installed.

Features of Sensory Soft Play Foam Equipment

At PLAYTIME, our manufacturers design foam play structures for a variety of environments. We include many features, such as:

  • Built-in shoe cubbies
  • Overhead elements & mobiles
  • Video game consoles for older children
  • Themed playground elements
  • Licensed brand characters
  • Interactive play elements
  • Custom-sculpted entrances
  • Interactive play panels
  • Integrated parent surround seating
  • Specialty signage, wall graphics & murals
  • Custom-designed carpets and flooring featuring our DuraSoft™ Safety Flooring System

If you need something ready-to-ship, check out our Pick & Play™ line of playground equipment for our pre-made soft sculpted foam options.

Choose PLAYTIME as Your Soft Play Equipment Manufacturers

Increase foot traffic to your business and build your brand with PLAYTIME’s fully customizable indoor play areas. Work with our in house expert designers to meet your size, budget and branding requirements.

For a free initial design consultation and quote, contact us via our online form.

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