Splash Pads

PLAYTIME’s exhilarating water play products create places where imaginations soar. We offer individual water play elements or complete, turnkey Splash Pad systems. Our Splash Pads incorporate dozens of themed water play features and “Spray Zone” technology in a fun, kid-friendly environment.

Why Choose Commercial-Grade Splash Pad Equipment

At PLAYTIME, our Splash Pads provide an inclusive space for children of all age ranges and abilities. Our commercial Splash Pad equipment uses a zero-depth space, so there is little to no standing water. All splash pad equipment is climb-resistant with no sharp edges or pinching points. Spontaneous, scheduled or triggered mists, jets, squirts and sprinkling effects stand out due to their aesthetically pleasing design.

Request PLAYTIME’s commercial splash pad manufacturers to custom-design a themed outdoor play experience, or choose from our selection of pre-designed water features. PLAYTIME is different than other splash pad companies — we offer turnkey systems and products designed, supplied, built and installed fully complete and ready to operate. Our Splash Pad turnkey systems include re-circulation water management systems with below-ground engineering.

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Features of Our Splash Pad Systems

PLAYTIME’s Splash Pads include:

  • Water play climbers, tunnels and/or water walls: Our water play climbers encourage children to build motor skills, balance and coordination. Tunnels and water walls offer the right amount of challenge and independent play for children.
  • Water play elements designed to sit in 0-6″ of water: Because our Splash Pads have little to no water, they encourage children to develop balance, strength, coordination, communication and social skills in a safe, thrilling environment.
  • Safety floor or pool pad: PLAYTIME’s shock-absorbent playground flooring is designed with kids’ safety in mind at varying heights. Factors such as fall height, shock absorbency and security are all taken into consideration.
  • Integrated adult area seating: Our commercial splash pad equipment allows for adult seating and interaction. Studies show that children benefit significantly from parent involvement in play.
  • Installation instructions, hardware, recommended tools and supplies: You will always have the right guidance when you choose PLAYTIME as your commercial splash pad manufacturer.

Custom-Designed Commercial Splash Pad Systems

We offer Splash Pads as turnkey systems complete with a below-ground engineering package, with pre-designed plans for 40′, 50′ and 60′ areas. Our concepts are a starting point, and may be adjusted to meet your budget and spatial requirements. Custom-themed Splash Pad systems are designed to match any existing playground equipment.

Choose PLAYTIME as Your Commercial Splash Pad Manufacturer

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