From Shaping Styrofoam to Making Memories: The PLAYTIME Process


employee sanding down structure playtime

How does PLAYTIME take a piece of recycled styrofoam and turn it into a themed experience? In a 12-week fulfillment process, PLAYTIME sculpts, paints and installs orders while managing the entire project.

State of the art fiberglass molds are personalized for PLAYTIME customers and installed by the company’s own installation team so that the customer can begin enjoying their themed experience immediately.

Professional artists tailor each project to the customer’s specifications with accuracy. The artists put the buyer’s vision into practice with vibrant color and detail.

All the while, a project management team works with the customer to ensure timeliness, budgetary responsibility and first-rate service.

Check out this infographic for more information on PLAYTIME’s fulfillment process:

PLAYTIME Process Infographic