Based on Nickelodeon’s top-rated animated preschool series, PAW Patrol, PLAYTIME designed, built, and installed the new Adventure Bay attraction at Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America. The 4,000 square foot attraction takes children’s imaginations into the world of PAW Patrol where they recreate popular missions around many of the familiar sites of Adventure Bay. The paw-themed attraction is the perfect addition to the Nickelodeon Universe and stands as its first ever dedicated open-play experience.


Working closely with the talented teams from Nickelodeon and Mall of America, PLAYTIME built an immersive environment that brings Adventure Bay to life. Through distinctive ideation and creative execution we transformed the space into a high value entertainment setting complete with Chase, Marshall, and other PAW Patrol characters.

Licensed Characters:

The PLAYTIME creative team worked hand-in-hand with Nickelodeon to perfect the sculpt, and surface finishing of each PAW Patrol character. Together we evaluated the intended play use for each element while maintaining PAW Patrol’s brand integrity in order to ensure that the final form met the requirements for appearance and style. It was important to get the the details of the these beloved characters just right.

Contained Play Towers:

Inspired by Adventure Bay, PLAYTIME created contained play tower systems modeled after popular destinations within the PAW Patrol world. These themed towers not only challenge a child’s physical abilities, but also engage their critical thinking, spatial awareness, and social skills. The structures feature unique slides, obstacles, interactive games, and activity panels all based off of PAW Patrol adventures found in the animated series.


Digital technology elements were included in the PAW Patrol attraction to serve as a powerful tool to encourage kids to become more active. These interactive features encourage physical movement through our innovative ‘heads-up technology’ approach. By using new and unique ways to engage with PAW Patrol characters, children are sure to create lasting memories they will share with others.