Sponsorships & Financing

Retail destinations attract millions of visitors each year, which make them productive opportunities for major brand sponsorships. PLAYTIME creates custom-branded, family-friendly experiences that target key shopping and spending demographics with engaging, safe and comfortable on-mall community touch points.

PLAYTIME amenities provide sponsorship platforms to engage customers and immerse prospective customers. Our play areas serve as an anchor for:

  • Activating space
  • Product engagement
  • Building loyalty, and
  • Community involvement

Sponsor branding is available in custom designed carpeting, entrances, banners, wall and surround graphics. Customized branding builds brand loyalty with families while young children explore and play at the mall.

Tap into our package of sponsorship success stories and best practice guidelines for ways to secure sponsors for new and renewed play area projects. From designed corporate mascots to sponsor-themed and branded play elements, PLAYTIME can help you secure partners to fund and promote your play area.



PLAYTIME has partnered with Madison Capital to make financing an easy process. Our PLAYTIME Playaway Plan is now offering special reduced rates:

  • For financing $50k-100k: 7.95%
  • For financing $100k+: 6.95%

Other financing providers are 10-18% for this type of industry!

Terms: All financing based on application and credit rating.

  • Down payment guarantees no price increases
  • Until production begins, merchandise is refundable, minus 10% service fee
  • Special reduced rates limited time offer
  • After initial down payment, if no communication is made within 60 days, project is canceled without refund

Contact us for more qualifying information.