PLAYTIME LLC has a one-year warranty on all items sold and expressly warrants (not otherwise) that should our products malfunction, cease to operate properly, or break as a result of a defect in material or workmanship during the first year (12 month) time frame from the date of shipment, it will, as its option:

  • Replace it entirely at PLAYTIME’s expense, or
  • Repair the product at PLAYTIME’s place of business and restore it to good working condition.

Under either of these options, the buyer may be responsible for any freight, taxes and/or handling charges incurred in the pick-up and return of the repaired or replaced product.

This warranty does not cover such things as misuse or abuse of any kind by any party, normal wear and tear, or de-lamination caused by any defect or problem other than created in the manufacturing process by PLAYTIME or its vendors.

This warranty is limited to PLAYTIME products only and does not include installation services, for which routine checks and maintenance should be performed. PLAYTIME disclaims any warranty of merchantability with respect to the goods sold by this agreement. PLAYTIME disclaims any warranty of fitness for any particular purposes whatsoever with respect to the goods or products being sold. PLAYTIME is not responsible for any consequential damages that may be claimed by buyer except for those authorized by the Colorado Business and Commerce Code. No other express warranty is given by PLAYTIME and no act, by words or action of seller, shall constitute a warranty.